11.5. A Real-World Example

To show you a real-world example that applies the key data structures explained above, I extracted the businessService structure for a Web service named Galapagos. This service is a commercial Web service that provides financial information such as real time and delayed stock quotes.[5] Listing 11.5 shows the entire businessService structure that contains four bindingTemplates.

[5] At the time of this writing, the Galapagos service is still registered with the Microsoft UDDI V1 production registry at http://uddi.microsoft.com. However, the service itself is no longer online.

Listing 11.5. A real-world example of a commercial Web service registered with UDDI
 <!-- The service itself --> <businessService serviceKey="ec5c6fd5-7724-440f-9bf7-d8b89ff69402" ...

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