12.8. .NET Clients

.NET Web services framework creators are also active in the interop community, which means it is generally possible to call any Web service from a .NET client.

In fact, most of the time this is easy unless there are problems with the Web service or the Web service's WSDL.

12.8.1. Bad WSDL, No Problem

When interoperating with non .NET Web services, it's common to run into Web services that have no WSDL or whose WSDL cannot be read by VS .NET or wsdl.exe. When this happens, you have to write the proxy code yourself. As an example of this scenario, we'll call a Web service that returns sunrise/sunset times given longitude/latitude and a date. The Web service's WSDL document was originally located at http://www.armyaviator.com/cgi-bin/astro.exe/wsdl/IAstro ...

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