Appendix C. Feedback Frame

Steps 1 and 2 will help you to structure your feedback and be very specific when speaking to your employee. Step 3 allows for a constructive response on the part of the employee. Step 4 is your opportunity to discuss possibilities and next steps together.

Step 1

  • What is the employee doing that is working?

  • What does she or he do that is inspiring to me as a leader, or to the group?

    • Acknowledge the employee's character traits, effort, passion...

    • See through behavior to need or intent.

    • Affirm the person's strengths.

Step 2

  • What is the employee doing that is not working yet?

    • What are the areas in which the employee is capable but not yet consistent?

    • What hasn't the employee developed or fine-tuned?

    • What is untested or too soon to test? ...

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