Book description

Shoes of Prey launched in 2009. It allowed people to design their dream shoes online, get them expertly manufactured, and have them shipped to anywhere in the world within two weeks. The startup broke even at two months, hit multi-million dollar revenues in under two years, raised tens of millions in funding from top-tier investors and shipped to more than 100 countries. All the metrics pointed to huge scalability. To a huge business. To a huge success.

But it didn’t succeed. In 2018 the business failed. And this is that story.

Reboot tells the truth of what it is like to be at the helm of a global business. From the high highs of besting Karl Lagerfeld on global awards to the low lows of closing the doors on your dream, join author Jodie Fox on a raw journey as she reveals for the first time the story behind the story of fashion darling Shoes of Prey.

This incredible ride will share lessons on raising capital, building a brand, finding suppliers, doing business in China and, most importantly, how to learn and grow from your successes and your mistakes and be ready every day to reboot for the next challenge.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Foreword
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
  5. Phase 1 On Learning and Choosing
    1. Chapter 1 Learning by doing
      1. Six cups a day
      2. ‘I had an awesome day!'
    2. Chapter 2 Choosing to try
      1. Finding our Purple Cow
      2. Going from idea to action
    3. Chapter 3 Naming our idea
      1. Stage 1: Defining the brand insight and territories
      2. Stage 2: Guided brainstorming
      3. Stage 3: A bottle of wine
      4. Forging ahead
  6. Phase 2 On Building and Determination
    1. Chapter 4 Finding suppliers in Hong Kong
      1. Just like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    2. Chapter 5 My first China trip
      1. Our first hires in China
      2. Don't drink the soybean smoothie
      3. Assessing factories quickly
    3. Chapter 6 Testing, testing
      1. Beta testing
      2. Setting the price
      3. Our first website
  7. Phase 3 On Launching and Commitment
    1. Chapter 7 Ready?
      1. A totally unceremonious launch
      2. Deciding whether the side hustle should be the main hustle
    2. Chapter 8 New normals
      1. My new relationship with time and money
      2. A faltering supply chain
      3. Hiring at headquarters
      4. Is customer service a marketing or operational function?
    3. Chapter 9 Telling the world
      1. The early days of influencer marketing
      2. Testing television
  8. Phase 4 On Raising funds and Evolving
    1. Chapter 10 Can we please move the status quo? Thanks.
      1. No personal space
    2. Chapter 11 Things you can control and things you cannot
      1. Work–life balance in the early years
      2. You're only as good as your third parties
    3. Chapter 12 The money question
      1. Raising capital
      2. Our first round
      3. Our pitch
      4. Keeping the momentum
      5. Answering all the questions — especially the ones they didn't ask
      6. Staying human
      7. Occasionally, there's a really awkward pitch
  9. Phase 5 On Establishment and tenacity
    1. Chapter 13 Growing in China
      1. The thing about on-demand manufacturing
      2. When competition plays dirty
      3. When fears are confirmed instead of allayed
      4. Constructive feedback, destructive mindset
    2. Chapter 14 Working with your ex
      1. The breakup
      2. How to build culture and why it matters
      3. Attempting lifestyle changes
    3. Chapter 15 New horizons
      1. New partners join the equation
      2. Bricks or clicks?
  10. Phase 6 On Moving and grounding
    1. Chapter 16 A new factory in China, a new office in America
      1. Designing the factory
      2. Playing by the rules
      3. Our China team
      4. Moving to the USA
    2. Chapter 17 Emotional intelligence goes a long way
      1. An unsustainable pace
      2. Imposter syndrome
      3. On not meeting Bill Cunningham
      4. Finding home
      5. People really are the best
  11. Phase 7 On Failing and Resilience
    1. Chapter 18 Testing and pivoting
      1. When tests fail
      2. The financials leak
      3. Changing tack: B2B
      4. Cost-cutting that you really don't want to do
  12. Phase 8 On Closing and Acceptance
    1. Chapter 19 The start of the real hustle
      1. The hardest goodbye
      2. Kidnapping insurance
      3. Crisis management
    2. Chapter 20 Knowing it's the end
      1. Ceasing trade
  13. Phase 9 On Rebooting
    1. Chapter 21 What I know now
      1. Personal goals matter
      2. Being nice is actually a really good idea
      3. It's good — no, it's important — to care about what you do
      4. How to beat procrastination
      5. Giving yourself the freedom to imagine
      6. What I know about mass customisation now
    2. Chapter 22 The reboot button
  14. A whole lot of thank you
  15. Appendix A Values document
  16. Appendix B Moving checklist
    1. Before you go
    2. Once you arrive
  17. Appendix C Fundraising
    1. Define your strategy
    2. Decide how much money to raise
    3. Consider the reasons not to do it
    4. Think about salaries
    5. Decide which type of investors to target
    6. Make the call
    7. Remember that VCs are human (!)
  18. Index
  19. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Reboot
  • Author(s): Jodie Fox
  • Release date: October 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730349433