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Redefining Shareholder Value

Book Description

Measuring shareholder value has become crucial in the current economic environment, especially following the consistent pressure from institutional shareholders on companies to create shareholder value in an adverse economic environment. Maximizing the company’s value will make the company less appealing to hostile takeovers. Takeovers are a capital market mechanism designed to control the conflicts of interest between shareholders and managers of the company. In this study, the authors examine the best methods used in measuring shareholder value, and explore the process of shareholder value creation in the years prior and following the creeping takeover of Ivanhoe Mines by Rio Tinto Plc. The study is based on data and ratio analytics from ThomsonONE (Reuters), information that is publicly available through press releases, analyst coverage, and financial news. It also includes an in-depth analysis of the creeping takeover of Ivanhoe Mines by Rio Tinto Plc.