How to do it...

The operations for administrating Redis Cluster are as follows:

  1. Fetch the state of the Cluster:
redis@> bin/redis-cli -h -p 6381 -c CLUSTER INFOcluster_state:okcluster_slots_assigned:16384cluster_slots_ok:16384...cluster_stats_messages_pong_received:113cluster_stats_messages_fail_received:2cluster_stats_messages_auth-req_received:2cluster_stats_messages_received:233
  1. Check the status of the nodes in the Cluster:
redis@> bin/redis-cli -h -p 6381 -c CLUSTER NODESeeeabcab810d500db1d190c592fecbe89036f24f master - 0 1510818967000 0 connected 11001-16383...58285fa03c19f6e6f633fb5c58c6a314bf25503f slave bc7b4a0c4596759058291f1b8f8de10966b5a1d1 ...

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