Redux in Motion

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See it. Do it. Learn it! Redux in Motion introduces you to the powerful Redux library through high-quality video-based lessons and built-in exercises, so you can put what you learn into practice.

Redux in Motion guides you through a complete Redux-based web app, start to finish. You'll learn the core principles of actions, reducer functions, and stores that make state management predictable. Expert video instructor Thomas Tuts takes a test-driven mindset, so you'll learn to write tests as you go. As you progress you'll add custom logging and tracking middleware and learn how to combine React with Redux to connect UI components. This engaging course combines real-time teaching and rich animations to make learning entertaining and effective!

About the Technology

In a typical web application, managing and maintaining state means juggling multiple objects and data stores. The Redux JavaScript library consolidates state management into a single, easily-managed object, radically simplifying tasks like caching data, server responses, and sharing data among components. Redux promotes reliability and testability, and virtually eliminates most state-related bugs. Redux integrates seamlessly with React.js, and it also works well with other frameworks like Angular, Backbone, and Vue.js.

About the Video

What's Inside

  • The fundamentals of working with Redux
  • Writing maintainable code
  • Using Redux in the real-world
  • Handling asynchronous data
  • A test-first approach to web development
  • Combining React and Redux

About the Reader

Written for developers comfortable with JavaScript and HTML, as well as experience using React.

About the Author

Thomas Tuts is a front-end/Node developer based in Belgium. Aside from coding, he also teaches and coaches other programmers to become better at what they do.

It has explained Redux better than I have seen elsewhere.
- Anonymous Reviewer

A fast paced, no nonsense track for learning Redux.
- Anonymous Reviewer

A good introduction to Redux, and state management more in general.
- Giuseppe Caruso, UX Architect and Front-End Developer, Bonsai Studio

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  • Title: Redux in Motion
  • Author(s): Thomas Tuts
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 10000MNLV201708