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Reel Success

Book Description

Are you an animator looking to get your foot in the door to the top studios?

It's tough if you don't have a demo reel and portfolio that reflects your unique style and incredible talents.  The reception of that reel will make or break you; so it's no wonder that creating a demo reel can be such a daunting task.  Reel Success by Cheryl Cabrera can help.  This book guides you into putting the right content into your portfolio, how to cater to the right audience, and how to harness the power of social media and network effectively.  Accompanied by case studies of actual students' demo reels, this book teaches how to develop a critical eye toward effective and ineffective demo reels.

Looking to get your foot in the door? Break it down with Reel Success.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Preface
  9. About the Author
  10. Introduction
  11. Chapter 1 The Design of Self-Promotion
    1. The Art of Self-Promotion
    2. Design
      1. Use Yourself
      2. Borrow From the Masters
        1. List of Art Movements
        2. List of Art Materials and Techniques
    3. How to Choose the Right Font
    4. Color
      1. Color Theory
      2. Color Wheel
      3. Attributes of Color
      4. Psychological Effects of Color
        1. Warm Versus Cool
        2. The Meaning of Color in Advertising
      5. Color Schemes
    5. Composition of Design
      1. The Golden Mean
      2. The Rule of Thirds
      3. Geometrical Shapes
    6. Personal Promotion
    7. Basic Design Rules
      1. Do's and Don'ts
    8. Action List
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Creating
  12. Chapter 2 Professional Package Presentation
    1. The Package: Contents
      1. Logo, Identity, or Brand
      2. Business Card/Networking Card
      3. Letterhead
      4. Cover Letter
      5. Résumé/Curriculum Vitae
      6. Web Presence
      7. Demo Reel
      8. The Breakdown
      9. Supplementary Materials
        1. Flatbook
        2. Thank You Letter/Card or E-Mail
      10. Recommended Reading List
    2. Basic Design Rules
      1. Do's and Don'ts
    3. Action List
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Creating
  13. Chapter 3 Gathering Content: What Do You Put into the Reel?
    1. Gathering Content — What to Put Into the Reel
    2. Specialization Reels Versus Generalization Reels
    3. What to Include or Not to Include?
      1. Original Best Work
      2. Ongoing Portfolio Development
      3. Low-Resolution Previews or Renders
      4. Still Images
      5. How Long?
      6. How Much to Include?
      7. Legalities
    4. Content Recommendations
      1. Concept Artist
      2. Storyboard Artist
      3. Layout Artist (Animation Production) and Previsualization Artist (Live-Action Production)
      4. Modeler: Aka Character Artist or Environment Artist
      5. Character Rigger
      6. Character Animator
      7. Look Development/Surfacing Artist
      8. Lighting Artist
      9. Effects Artist
      10. Compositor
        1. Matte Painter
        2. Roto/Paint/Prep Artist
        3. Matchmoving/Camera Tracking Artist
      11. 3D Depth/Stereoscopic Conversion Artist
      12. Technical Artist
      13. Motion Graphics Designer
    5. Action List
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Creating
  14. Chapter 4 Targeting Specific Studios — What do Studios Want to See?
    1. Targeting Specific Studios — What do Studios Want to See?
    2. How to Find Entry-Level Studio Jobs
      1. Additional Tips by Respondents of the Survey
    3. Networking—It's not just What You Know, but Whom You Know
      1. Social Networking Sites
    4. Online Forums
    5. Tips from Industry Professionals
      1. Question: What is the Biggest Mistake an Applicant can Make When Applying?
      2. Question: What is the most Important Advice that You would Give to Potential Applicants?
      3. Question: Is There Anything Else You'd Like to Share to Potential Applicants about the Job Hunt Process?
    6. Action List
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Creating
  15. Chapter 5 Assembling the Reel
    1. Dedicated Demo Reel Drive—The Ever Changing Demo Reel
    2. Continuing Education
    3. Assembling
    4. Slate or Animated Logo Introduction (4–5 Seconds)
      1. Contact Information
    5. Nonlinear Editing (30 Seconds to 3 Minutes)
    6. Music and Timing
      1. Legal Issues With Music
    7. Text Overlay
      1. Do's
      2. Don'ts
    8. Tutorial 5.1: Assembling a Demo Reel in Adobe Premiere
    9. Tutorial 5.2: Creating a Split Screen in Adobe Premiere
    10. Tutorial 5.3: Creating a Cross-Dissolve in Adobe Premiere
    11. Tutorial 5.4: Creating a Linear Wipe in Adobe Premiere
  16. Chapter 6 The Breakdown
    1. Clear Information
    2. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
    3. Page Layout
    4. Sample Demo Reel Breakdowns
      1. Do's and Don'ts
    5. Action List
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Creating
  17. Chapter 7 Distribution
    1. Dimensions and Compression
    2. Web Publishing
      1. Websites
      2. Dvds
    3. Getting Your Reel Critiqued
      1. Web Communities
    4. Getting Your Demo Reel Into the Right Hands
    5. Unions and Guilds
    6. Trade Associations
    7. Film and Animation Festivals
    8. Competitions and Contests
      1. Do's and Don'ts
    9. Action List
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Creating
  18. Chapter 8 The Interview
    1. When Should I Follow Up?
    2. How to Prepare
    3. The Art Test
    4. The Phone Interview
      1. Questions and Answers
    5. The In-Person Interview
      1. What to Wear
      2. What to Bring
    6. When Will I Hear a Decision?
    7. Negotiating a Contract
    8. Freelancing
      1. Do's and Don'ts
    9. Action List
      1. Brainstorming
      2. Creating
    1. An Interview with Joey Lenz
    2. An Interview with Ninjaneer Studios
  20. INDEX