Refactoring Python Code

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Practical techniques and methods to make your existing Python code faster, reliable, and more maintainable.

About This Video

  • Learn techniques and methods to improve the design of your existing code
  • Identify code that requires refactoring and apply the techniques you've learned
  • Use the techniques you've learned to bring your legacy code up-to-date using refactoring

In Detail

Even the most well-planned code can develop anti-patterns over the years. These make the codebase difficult to maintain. Small changes can break major features because Python anti-patterns are a symptom of deeper problems in your code base.

Learn to resolve Python anti-patterns with techniques and methods to improve the design of your existing code. Tackle bugs by understanding the principles of refactoring, and learn to spot opportunities by identifying code that requires refactoring. We will also show you how to build test-driven processes to make refactoring easier. This course will show you how to remove Python anti-patterns from your programs in simple steps. We cover specific techniques for refactoring and improving sloppy Python code.

Take this course if you want to have a legacy Python code base with a lot of issues. Apply real-world refactoring techniques, and turn your code into clean, efficient, and maintainable projects.

All the code and supporting files of this course are available on GitHub at -

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  • Title: Refactoring Python Code
  • Author(s): Rudy Lai
  • Release date: September 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788836418