CHAPTER 7Sending Video in Emails, Text Messages, and Social Messages

So, you want to record and send personal videos. You've got some ideas about when to send them, who to send them to, and what to say. So how do you actually do it? Can you just record and send videos on your own? Do you need a paid subscription to a service? Should you send by email? Or Facebook Messenger? Or texting?

In this chapter, get the pros and cons of three ways to send video through email. Learn how and why you might use screen recording. Then, consider video by text messaging, social messaging, and social networks.


Method 1: The Screenshot Method

Record, Upload, Screenshot, Link, Then Send

This method is “free-ish” and requires you to record a video, upload a video, make a screenshot, capture a link, assign the link to the screenshot, then send the email.

To send a video email, you must first record a video and host it somewhere. To focus on video for relationships rather than for marketing, we'll blow by scripting, lighting, recording, transferring, editing, and all steps required to produce a more polished video. Instead, we'll go straight to the webcam for ease and speed. Record yourself with your webcam using the default programs loaded onto your computer – Windows Camera on Windows or QuickTime on Mac. There are plenty of other webcam recorders, like VLC from nonprofit VideoLAN; they're all just a Google search away. You may also record with your smartphone ...

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