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RelateAbility: Working Together To Make Work Life Better

Book Description

Every day in every workplace around the world, people are working with people. What if we had the tools to work better together and build better relationships? RelateAbility is the resource to show you how.

Improve your work environment by learning the science around RelateAbility and the TeamRelate Model. Better equip and empower those you influence by learning to more purposefully communicate and purposefully engage with them.

RelateAbility is a skill that can be learned and developed. TeamRelate is a behavioral model as well as an app and starts where the traditional personality assessment world leaves off. Once you understand your communication styles along with your core values, the book explores how these relate to others in your world, both at work and at home.

Improving our ability to relate to others is the concept of RelateAbility, where we explore the 1:1 dynamic and team dynamic and how to improve each. In light of these concepts, we also explore conflict and engagement in the workforce and bring together the latest industry research on both. Finally we explore Trust, the foundation of any relationship and how improving our RelateAbility increases the trust in our relationships.

The concepts in RelateAbility helps build high performing teams in any organizational context and help make work life better for individual contributors and leaders alike.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. About the Authors
  3. About this Edition
  4. CH 1: Understanding RelateAbility
    1. RelateAbility Defined
    2. Realms of RelateAbility
    3. RelateAbility and TeamRelate
    4. RelateAbility Starts with Self
    5. Seeking RelateAbility
  5. CH 2: Understanding Personality
    1. Personality Defined
    2. There is no “Best”
    3. Nature AND Nurture
    4. Background and Research History
  6. CH 3: Understanding TeamRelate Communication Styles
    1. Focus and Function
    2. The TeamRelate Communication Styles: DEFT
  7. CH 4: Understanding Personal Values
    1. The Nature of Values
    2. There is no “Ideal”
    3. Background and Research History
  8. CH 5: Understanding TeamRelate Core Convictions
    1. Two Dimensions Creating Four Styles
    2. The TeamRelate Core Convictions: ABCD
  9. CH 6: RelateAbility and Workforce Engagement
    1. Employee Engagement
    2. Engagement Impact on Organizational Results
    3. Managing Change and Team Development
    4. TeamRelate Engage!
    5. TeamRelate Communication Styles and Workforce Engagement
    6. TeamRelate Core Convictions and Workforce Engagement
  10. CH 7: RelateAbility and Workplace Conflict
    1. Understanding Workplace Conflict
    2. Finding Common Ground
    3. Communication Style Conflict
  11. CH 8: Improving Your RelateAbility
    1. Seek Understanding
    2. Positive Intent
    3. “Volume” Control
    4. Respond Rationally
    5. Putting It All Together
  12. CH 9: RelateAbility and Trust
    1. Understanding Trust
    2. The Absence of Trust
    3. Creating a Common Language
    4. Having Productive Conversations
  13. TeamRelate and Dayforce HCM
  14. Supporting Research
    1. RelateAbility/Emotional Intelligence
    2. Personality Defined
    3. Nature and Nurture
    4. Focus and Function - Task vs. Relationship and Internal vs. External
    5. Personality - Background and History
    6. Communication Styles - Focus and Function/Internal and External
    7. Values – Background and History
    8. TeamRelate Core Convictions/ABCD
    9. RelateAbility and Engagement
    10. RelateAbility in Conflict
    11. RelateAbility and Trust
  15. Validity and Reliability of TeamRelate Survey (2016)
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Introduction
    3. Conclusion
    4. References