About the Author
Daniel L. Ferguson received a BS (1967) and MS (1972) in mechanical
engineering with a major in automatic controls from Clemson University.
After receiving a direct commission in 1969, he served as a U.S. Army
aircraft maintenance officer in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971.
Over his 40-year career in industry, he has held engineering and manage-
ment positions in operations and maintenance with two Fortune 500 compa-
nies, between which, in the early 1980s, he managed a polyester resins plant
for one of the major producers.
While serving as facilities and maintenance manager for a large manufac-
turing facility, his plant was tapped to be the pilot site for implementation of
SAP plant maintenance for the corporation. (SAP is a well-known Enterprise
Resource Planning [ERP] software system.) As part of the SAP project team,
he developed a number of systems and plant structures that are still in use
After a successful pilot, he was assigned to the SAP implementation
team and was responsible for rollout at similar manufacturing facilities.
Later, this responsibility was expanded to implementation at new acqui-
sition companies. Considered an expert in this area, he was asked to
resume this work on a consulting basis after retirement in 2008.
As a lifelong audiophile, he has written three books and a number of arti-
cles on loudspeakers and electronics. His current project of interest is devel-
opment of a new orthopedic device to aid patients with Parkinsons disease.
He has three grown children and currently resides with his wife of 46
years in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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