Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures, t indicate tables and np indicate footnotes.


Aalborg Energy Office 243np
Aalborg Heat Planning 18, 26–27, 247–253, 252f
alternatives in 248–250
choice-eliminating mechanisms in 250–251, 252–253
energy taxation systems and 31
Active houses 160–161
in Aalborg Heat Planning 248–250
assessment of 54
based on old technology 319–320
for Choice Awareness 323–324
choice-elimination mechanisms and 329
to coal 244f
cost-effectiveness of 245
defining 76
evaluation of 325
in German Lausitz power station 284–287
governmental expenditures and 155
institutional 29, 30
institutional barriers and 324
introduction of 320–321
to Nordjyllandsværket  ...

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