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Reporting in TFS

Book Description

Create and customize reports in Team Foundation Server using Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services

In Detail

This book starts with giving the reader a walkthrough of TFS and the reporting architecture, guiding you to master the comprehensive reports that are part of Team Foundation Server.

You will explore the Team Project Scenario with work item queries, flat queries, direct link queries, and tree queries. Moving ahead, you will learn about the Excel reporting generation process and how to create ad hoc queries and reports in Microsoft Excel to help manage a team project. Microsoft Excel allows users to connect to the TFS Data and display results as a PivotTable or PivotChart report. Then the book describes each of the standard report dashboards such as SharePoint Dashboard, Project Dashboard, Progress Dashboard, Quality Dashboard, Test Dashboard, Bugs Dashboard, and Build Dashboard. Finally, you will learn how to use the powerful tools available in SQL Server Reporting Services to create and customize robust reports and also learn how to design and customize a dashboard of reports relevant to you.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to know about TFS 2013, Reporting Architecture, and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Generate work item reports
  • Explore Excel standard reports (bugs, tracking, and test)
  • Create reports based on SQL Server data using Report Designer
  • Manage SSRS reports in Report Manager
  • Display visual reports as charts and graphs in Team Web Access

Table of Contents

  1. Reporting in TFS
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Reporting in TFS
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
    6. www.PacktPub.com
      1. Support files, eBooks, discount offers, and more
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        2. Free access for Packt account holders
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    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Downloading the color images of this book
        2. Errata
        3. Piracy
        4. Questions
    8. 1. Team Foundation Server Primer
      1. Chapter objectives
      2. TFS basics
        1. Connecting the team
        2. Version control
        3. Planning the Agile process
        4. Processing build
        5. Maintaining test cases
        6. Reporting status
      3. ALM and TFS 2013
        1. ALM practices
        2. ALM with business trends
      4. The TFS 2013 architecture
        1. TFS on-premises
        2. Visual Studio Online
        3. Hybrid deployment
      5. TFS and reporting
        1. The reporting architecture
        2. Types of reports
      6. Summary
    9. 2. Work Item Querying
      1. Team project scenario
      2. Work item queries
      3. Search box queries
      4. Flat queries
      5. Direct link queries
      6. Tree queries
      7. Summary
    10. 3. Excel Reporting
      1. Prerequisites to access Excel reports
        1. Installing SharePoint Server Enterprise Edition
        2. Provisioning a team project with a project portal
        3. Integrating SharePoint 2013 with TFS 2013
          1. Mandatory permissions
      2. Creating Excel reports
        1. Creating Excel reports using a flat query list
        2. Creating reports using Excel
      3. Excel Project Management reports
        1. The Burndown report
        2. The Task Progress report
        3. The User Story Progress report
        4. The Issue Trends report
      4. Bug Backlog Management Excel reports
        1. The Bug Progress report
        2. The Bug Trends report
        3. The Bugs by Priority Report
        4. The Bugs by Assignment report
        5. The Bug Reactivations report
      5. Build Management Excel reports
        1. The Code Coverage report
        2. The Code Churn report
        3. The Build Status report
      6. Test Management Excel reports
        1. The Test Plan Progress report
        2. The Test Case Readiness report
        3. The User Story Test Status report
        4. The Test Activity report
        5. The Test Failure Analysis report
      7. Summary
    11. 4. SQL Server Reporting
      1. SQL Server Reporting Services
      2. SQL Server reporting tools
        1. Report Builder
        2. Report Designer
      3. Understanding default SQL reports
      4. Creating custom SQL reports
        1. Creating custom reports using Report Builder
        2. Creating custom reports using Report Designer
      5. Summary
    12. 5. Team Web Access Reporting
      1. Granting an access level to a user or a group of users
        1. The basic access level
        2. The advanced access level
        3. The stakeholder access level
        4. Team web access charts
      2. Team web access standard reports
        1. The velocity report
        2. The cumulative flow report
        3. The sprint burndown report
      3. Summary
    13. Index