CHAPTER 12Critical Remarks and Chapters Recap

DOI: 10.1201/​9781003139058-12


  1. 12.1 Overview of the recap

  2. 12.2 Introduction to Computer Science Research

  3. 12.3 Find your ideas for research

  4. 12.4 Bring your ideas to the reality

  5. 12.5 Put Your Work Out and Make Impacts

  6. 12.6 Homework and practices

  7. 12.7 Final Project

  8. 12.8 Possible projects or presentations

With the last chapter of the book, the narrative comes to a satisfying conclusion. We will use this chapter to summarize the main ideas presented in each chapter and bring the book to a successful conclusion.

12.1 Overview of the recap

An overview of the recap is shown in Figure 12.1. We begin with a high-level review of ...

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