Chapter 16Qualitative research methods to capture emerging visual social media culture

Angela A. Beccanulli, Silvia Biraghi, and Rossella C. Gambetti

DOI: 10.4324/9781003107774-18

1. The visual culture and social media diffusion

The visual surrounds us, some of it invited, most of it not.

(Boylan, 2020, p. 3)

Back in 2020, Boylan wrote these words to describe our current socio-economic environment, which he referred to as Visual Culture (Casiano, 2021; Mitchell, 2015; Jenks, 2002; Mirzoeff, 1999). Visual Culture indicates a visually intensive society, where communication and information media are mainly visual. Nevertheless, today people are bombarded with an unprecedented stream of visual stimulations, from stop signs and 3D billboards to ...

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