Chapter 4Materials Investigations

Various industry groups have approached reuse by investigating the opportunities offered by particular materials – examining how to establish circular infrastructures and construction systems for those materials. This chapter describes four very different initiatives that researched how circular systems for reuse could be established at the material/component level.

4.1 Nordic Built Component Reuse

The Nordic Built Component Reuse projecta set out to explore new practices for reuse of dismantled building components and materials, resulting in visions of new ways to organize, tender, trade and build with them. The aim was to devise and prototype new systems from discarded building materials that: are beautiful, apply reversible construction principles, are marketable and are possible to manufacture through processes that are effective in cost and energy. By establishing a strong architectural identity as well as a viable business model for reused and upcycled components, the intention was to move the boundary between waste and value, and inspire and assist the development of the circular economy in the Nordic countries.

Demolition practices in Nordic countries today are efficient in terms of separating construction debris and minimizing landfill. However, the project partners felt the Nordic construction industry was poorly prepared for conversion towards a more effective and careful use of these waste resources to capture their potential value. ...

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