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Responsive Web Design Toolkit

Book Description

Responsive Web Design Toolkit: Hammering Websites into Shape focuses on the nuts and bolts of responsive web design, showing you how to better build and how to debug websites that use the responsive technique. This book guides you through the technology that programmers use to build, test, and debug responsive websites. Covering what engineers do, how localhost can help, and DIY-testing, this book shows technically-minded designers how to create digital objects that lead to shorter development times, quicker testing cycles, and more insight into users and their mobile devices, ultimately leading to better products.

This book:

  • Gathers tools scattered across an open-sourced landscape and places them all in one, diamond-plated toolbox.
  • Provides approachable, step-by-step manuals that reveal the why and how of debugging.
  • Connects you with a github account where readers can find the book’s source code and a companion website: http://www.hammeringresponsivewebdesign.com/