“Whether we run countries or companies, we simply cannot afford to leave half our team sitting on the bench.”

— Kathleen Taylor, Former President and CEO, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“Barbara, this was Katie Taylor summing it up during my interview with her in February 2016. Her story of her ascent in leadership is back in Chapter 2, but it was her additional comments on the commitment of men that I felt were appropriate here in Chapter 9. She went on to explain whom she meant was benching half the team.”

Men play a key role in changing the paradigm. By an overwhelming majority, men occupy the CEO suite and board chair positions, and it is they who are responsible in that same majority for setting strategic direction and managing talent development and succession planning at senior levels. It follows, therefore, that it is the personal commitment and accountability of these leaders—to drive a focus on diversity and inclusion—that will be the key to generating change.1

“Richard, Katie has certainly faced many challenges on her path to becoming the chair of the largest bank in Canada. It's often a challenge for women to practice their own authentic style of leadership and be valued for their contribution; it's also a challenge for men to recognize that value and embrace the complementary nature that women bring to business.

“Investors would love to own a company that generates superior performance. Shareholders would also appreciate it. ...

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