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Book Description

Life can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, right? It can be difficult to clear your mind of a million different anxieties and focus in on the one thing you need to get done.

Bestselling author of Clarity and The Little Book of Clarity goes one step further with Results by using his Clarity Coaching Model to help you de-clog your mind so you can make better decisions, prioritise and focus on achieving those important goals. Develop a deeper understanding of why you act the way you do and awaken your inner potential.

Jamie's transformational coaching techniques will help you improve in all areas of your life, from developing your listening skills during meetings at work to reducing the levels of stress in your life. These techniques will see you through three important changes – your personal transformation that will see you gaining confidence and understanding your own behaviour, your interpersonal transformation to guide you in having an impact on those around you, and lastly your commercial transformation to get your professional life moving in the direction you want.

Results is full of helpful examples and exercises to get you on the road to the results you need.

Learn how to:

  • Prioritise and focus on the right goals at the right time
  • Achieve the results you want by following the Clarity Coaching Model
  • Improve your overall performance to gain better relationships with your colleagues, close friends and family
  • Add more purpose to your life by allowing time for creativity and innovation
  • Encourage others to follow in your footsteps!

Praise for Results:

“This book is going to wake up your innate ability to create results.” – Sháá Wasmund MBE, author of the Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller Stop Talking, Start Doing

“A visionary guide to success in the new transformation economy – simple principles, practical applications and bottom line results”. – Michael Neill, No. 1 bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within

Results shows you how to unlock the potential of all individuals and every type of organization.” – Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder and CEO, Key4Life

Results is a pleasure to read and full of deep insights into preparing ourselves for a more innovative way of thinking and organizing – it provides a guiding philosophy which puts our innate capacities at the heart of everything. It is a book that anyone interested in innovation – both inside and out – should read.” – Paul Sternberg, Associate Dean and Head of Design Innovation, Ravensbourne University

“There is a magic in this book, offering wisdom to everyone. Blink and you’ll miss it. Blink and you’ll get it.” – Jim Lewcock, CEO, The Specialist Works

“Jamie Smart has cracked the code for creating real results in a way that fits perfectly with who you really are.” – Rich Litvin, Founder, 4PC and co-author of The Prosperous Coach

“As an owner of a business a key success factor for me has been to focus on discovering and working with authentic people that enable me to continually deliver results. Without doubt the clarity principles and Jamie’s insights have been an exponential multiplier for me in my business and personal life.” – Chris Norton, Director, Mentor Group

Results provides a refreshing approach to personal and entrepreneurial transformation, and most importantly – to achieving results!” – Vlatka Hlupic, award-winning author of The Management Shift

“We all know we can have our best ideas, have a clarity of insight, at unexpected times. In this boo

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
    1. Your biggest return on investment
    2. Five essential questions
    3. Your results may be closer than you think
    4. The process of transformation
    5. Part One – GROUNDING Your Personal Transformation
    6. Part Two – IMPACT Your Interpersonal Transformation
    7. Part Three – LEVERAGE Your Commercial Transformation
    8. Subtractive psychology: Less is more
    9. We are living in a VUCA world
    10. The ultimate leverage point
  3. PART ONE: GROUNDING Your Personal Transformation
    1. 1 You're Built for Reality; You're Optimized for Results
      1. You have an innate capacity for realization and insight
      2. Realizations reveal pre-existing facts about the reality you're built for
      3. Realizations give rise to results
      4. Realization is a natural function of your mind
      5. You possess superpowers
    2. 2 The One and Only Way Your Mind Always Works
      1. A trick of the mind
      2. Your experience is being generated from within you, right now!
      3. Moving from La-la Land to reality
      4. Is this emotional intelligence?
      5. The power of subtraction
    3. 3 Eliminating Worry, Anxiety and Fear of Criticism
      1. The teddy bear factor
      2. Why feelings of worry or anxiety are not the problem
      3. Why feelings are nothing personal
      4. We sometimes believe we're in La-la Land
      5. Speak to 100 people like you're speaking to one person
    4. 4 The Source of Resourcefulness, Resilience and Results
      1. How often do you say ‘I am’?
      2. Your wellbeing
      3. You are psychologically safe
      4. The presence of sanity
    5. 5 Finding Your Place of Meaning, Passion and Purpose
      1. Your inner source of evolutionary purpose
      2. So what gets in the way of realizing your purpose?
      3. You can't find something where it isn't
      4. So what is ‘purpose’?
      5. A paradigm for psychology
      6. Your perception is like a desktop
      7. Purpose can give you a glimpse of the future
    6. 6 Leadership: The Inner Key to Confidence and Certainty
      1. You are already a leader
      2. When are you a leader?
      3. The deep drivers are your innate leadership qualities
    7. 7 The Liberating Truth About Goals
      1. A goal is a thought
      2. You have an innate capacity for achieving goals
      3. You are already a results-creator
      4. Toxic goals
      5. Authentic desires
      6. The power of commitment
      7. So should I set goals or not?
    8. 8 Moving from Resistance to Action
      1. Moods are like weather
      2. The power of passivity
      3. 1.   The Zone of Resistance (passive)
      4. 2.   The Zone of Uninspired Action (active)
      5. 3.   The Zone of Reflection (passive)
      6. 4.   The Zone of Inspired Action (active)
      7. The art of making things happen
  4. PART TWO: IMPACT Your Interpersonal Transformation
    1. 9 The Principles of Impact
      1. The CLARITY® Impact Model
      2. 1.   Clarity of connection
      3. 2.   Clarity of thought
      4. 3.   Clarity of understanding
      5. The principles of impact
      6. Exceptional productivity
      7. Transformational results
    2. 10 The Secret of Powerful Connection
      1. Where does connection come from?
      2. 1.   The Zone of Conflict
      3. 2.   The Zone of Connection
      4. 3.   The Zone of Compassion (1)
      5. 4.   The Zone of Compassion (2)
    3. 11 The Source of Superb Performance
      1. High performance leads to superb results
      2. How your state of mind affects your performance
      3. State control: correlation does not imply causation
      4. The only thing you need for a high-performance state of mind
    4. 12 The Catalyst for Transformational Results
      1. Misunderstanding complexifies; understanding simplifies
      2. The fewer assumptions the better
      3. Psychology is currently in its pre-paradigm phase
      4. The ultimate leverage point
      5. What we did with the rest of the three days
    5. 13 The Only Two Challenges that Stop People Making Progress
      1. Challenge one: Preoccupation
      2. Challenge two: Underestimation
      3. The unexpected solution
      4. Implication-based Learning
      5. Your mind is a self-correcting system
      6. So what's this got to do with impact?
    6. 14 Finding Your Bearings When You Get Knocked Off-track
      1. Your mind is a self-correcting system
      2. How to clear your mind
      3. A dangerous assignment
      4. So what does this have to do with impact?
      5. Think less, achieve more
    7. 15 Making Good Decisions: Wisdom, Intuition and Common Sense
      1. When you get out of your own way, the next step is obvious
      2. How to make good decisions
      3. People aren't good at predicting emotional responses
      4. Freedom from fear of public speaking
      5. Back to reality
      6. Should I really just follow my wisdom?
    8. 16 The Source of Impact, Innovation and Disruption
      1. The strategy equation
      2. We are now living in a VUCA world
  5. PART THREE: LEVERAGE Your Commercial Transformation
    1. 17 Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Instincts
      1. The education system is preparing students for jobs that won't exist in 10 years
      2. So what are your entrepreneurial instincts?
      3. Implications drive instincts
      4. So does this mean everyone can be a high-profile entrepreneur?
    2. 18 Tribal Marketing: Engaging Your Audience
      1. The search for meaning, purpose and belonging
      2. Tribal leadership
      3. Every audience is another room in your mansion
      4. What's your story?
    3. 19 The Only Things Anyone Ever Pays For
      1. 1.   Clarity
      2. 2.   Visibility
      3. 3.   Value
      4. Separate realities revisited
    4. 20 Influence, Motivation and Zero-Pressure Persuasion
      1. It's not about you
      2. The secrets of ethically effective influence
      3. The number one influence factor
      4. Are you a good listener?
      5. Activate your influence accelerant
      6. Clarity of connection gets you online
      7. The secret of zero-pressure persuasion
      8. Professionals can deliver the goods
      9. Ask for what you want
    5. 21 Turning Ideas into Reality
      1. There's no such thing as a creative person
      2. Who are some of the creators you admire?
      3. It starts with an idea
      4. How to deal with resistance
      5. The magical monster stick
      6. Developing your creative process
      7. How you turn ideas into reality
    6. 22 Leveraging Your Results Exponentially
      1. Innovation gets celebrated; repetition gets automated
      2. The rise of the machines
      3. Staying relevant in a VUCA world
      4. The power of experimenting
    7. 23 The Key to Creating Transformational Experiences
      1. The fish rots from the head down
      2. How to turn a one-star circumstance into a five-star experience
    8. 24 Prospering in the Transformation Economy
      1. Perceptiveness, creativity and social intelligence
      2. The rise of the transformation professional
      3. Closing the gap
      4. Steam-engine-time
      5. Transforming negative VUCA to positive VUCA
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Further Explorations
  8. CLARITY® for Transformation Professionals
  9. CLARITY® for Personal Results
  10. CLARITY® for Fast-growing Businesses
  11. CLARITY® for Large Organizations
  12. The World Clarity Foundation
  13. About Jamie Smart
  14. Index
  15. EULA