Chapter 21

Your Ten-Point Resume Checklist

In This Chapter

arrow Confirming your resume is a match for job requirements

arrow Smacking down tacky resume errors

arrow Standing back for a fresh look at the impression you’re making

Before going public with your resume, give it a final walk-through. Give yourself a checkmark for each item only when your resume meets that OnTarget standard. Each checkmark is worth 10 points. If you don’t get a score of 100, go back to your keyboard and try again.

Tit for Tat

You remember the new drive to customize resumes by matching your qualifications (skills, education) with the specific requirements of a job, or by matching your qualifications with the expected qualifications in a career field. If you write a two-page resume, you remember to customize the first page, even if you do not customize the second page. (Chapter 6 discusses the customizing requirement and why it’s so important.)

Image and Focus

You don’t say the equivalent of, “I thought you might have an opening I could fill,” but state what you want to do for an employer and why you’re qualified to do it. You consider your resume’s overall impression — its look and feel. Your resume has a unifying theme: ...

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