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Retail That Connects: Creating the Complete Customer Experience

Video Description

How separate or integrated are your physical and digital operations? In the early days of the online revolution, some executives ignored the digital world, viewing it as a passing fad. Then, once it became clear the Internet was a disruptive innovation that was here to stay, some companies flipped and focused solely on digital, ignoring brick-and-mortar. In September 2014's Harvard Business Review, Bain’s Darrell Rigby says that both of those positions are misguided. Companies need to fuse digital and physical experiences, says Rigby to allow customers to move easily between the two. Yet few companies are providing this seamless customer experience. Many still run their physical and digital operations separately, creating disconnects that frustrate customers. In this interactive HBR webinar, Rigby shares five best practices about digital-physical mashups discovered from global leaders in 20 industries. These five rules will help you reconceive your business, create a sustainable competitive advantage, and drive growth.