Rethinking Strategy

Book description

Seize opportunity from uncertainty

What if you could use strategy to turn market volatility to your competitive advantage? Rethinking Strategy shows you how to anticipate and benefit from emerging market shifts and free your organisation from a cycle of disruption and response.

In this ground-breaking book, author and strategist Steve Tighe helps you use scenarios to envisage what your industry and organisation could look like in the future and prepare for what’s to come. Through detailed case studies and practical tools, this guide reveals how to make strategy development your organisation’s principal creative and learning activity.

  • anticipate impending market shifts before they emerge
  • slow down change by making the future familiar
  • unlock the entrepreneurial talent that lies within your organisation
  • mobilise an army of internal advocates to drive strategy execution
  • embed foresight into your planning and innovation processes

Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to always be ahead of the curve while others struggle to keep up in today’s ever-changing competitive environment? With Rethinking Strategy, you’ll learn how to make better decisions and thrive alongside increasing competition and uncertainty.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction empowering your organisation
  4. Part I Searching
    1. Chapter 1 The trouble with trends
      1. Trends are not enough
      2. How do you get ahead of trends?
      3. Inappropriate data usage
      4. There must be a better way!
  5. Part II Learning
    1. Chapter 2 The latent resource
      1. Introducing scenarios
      2. Scenarios in business: a mixed history
      3. Golden years
      4. A second coming?
    2. Chapter 3 Where does the future fit?
      1. What informs your strategy?
      2. Putting the future in its place
      3. Why scenarios?
    3. Chapter 4 Reframing strategy
      1. Strategy is planning
      2. Strategy is dour
      3. Strategy is output
      4. It’s time to rethink strategy
      5. Strategic principles
      6. Participatory learning
      7. Speeding up decision making
    4. Chapter 5 Overcoming myopia
      1. Myopic mayhem
      2. Context is everything
    5. Chapter 6 The shape of things to come
      1. Understanding change
      2. Anticipating embryonic issues and opportunities
      3. 1. Dirty secrets
      4. 2. Cultural hypocrisies
      5. 3. Unresolved tensions
      6. 4. Systemic inequities
      7. 5. Slow-burning issues
      8. 6. Social values
      9. 7. Scenarios
  6. Part III Doing
    1. Chapter 7 The strategic challenge
      1. Getting to work
      2. Setting the scenario horizon
      3. A means to an end
    2. Chapter 8 How do I know what I think until I see what I say?
      1. The corporate mental model
      2. Articulating mental models
      3. Structuring the conversations
      4. Interpreting the conversations
      5. Analysing the conversations
    3. Chapter 9 Conversations with Mr Silly
      1. Environmental scanning requires a framework
      2. Environmental scanning is about research
      3. Environmental scanning is about stimulation
    4. Chapter 10 ‘What’s next?’ — Anticipating the future
      1. Does it make sense?
      2. Letting go of command and control
      3. Bringing everyone along
      4. Stimulation and structure
      5. Scenarios workshop
      6. Workshop process
      7. 1. Reviewing the environmental scan
      8. 2. Identifying influencing factors
      9. 3. Sorting and prioritising influencing factors
      10. 4. Choosing scenario drivers
      11. 5. Building scenarios
      12. Evaluating the scenarios
    5. Chapter 11 ‘So what?’ — Positioning for the future
      1. It’s called scenario planning
      2. Anyone for chess?
      3. Strategic identity
      4. Assessing strategies against scenarios
      5. Strategic creativity and originality
    6. Chapter 12 ‘Now what?’ — Transitioning to the future
      1. Back to earth
      2. Linking the strategic framework to organisational action
    7. Chapter 13 Making sense of the patterns in the chaos
      1. Primed for the future
      2. Developing a corporate memory of the future
      3. Anticipating the future
      4. Increasing sensitivity to change
      5. Interpreting the future
      6. Ongoing strategic monitoring
      7. Internalising scenario proficiency
  7. Endnotes
  8. Index
  9. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Rethinking Strategy
  • Author(s): Steve Tighe
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730368335