Chapter 1

1. All quotes from Mehmood Khan are from telephone interviews with the authors, May and July 2010.

2. For more, see Tarun Khanna, V. Kasturi Rangan, and Merlina Anocaran, “Narayana Hrudayalaya Heart Hospital: Cardiac Care for the Poor,” HBS Case 505078-PDF-ENG (Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing, 2011); “The Henry Ford Model of Heart Surgery,” Wall Street Journal, November 25, 2009.

3. We will use the term poor country only in the narrow sense that The World Bank uses it—to describe a nation with a low GDP per capita. We will use poor people in the same way—only in the strictest economic meaning of the word poor.

4. Jeff Immelt, Vijay Govindarajan, and Chris Trimble, “How GE Is Disrupting Itself,” Harvard ...

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