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RFID+ Exam Cram

Book Description

Studying for the new RFID+ exam? The RFID+ Certification Exam Cram is the perfect study companion. It features relevant Exam Notes that will help you score better on the exam, more than 300 exam prep questions, tips, acronyms, memory joggers, and the ever popular "Cram Sheet" tearcard, which is great for last-minute studying. There is also a CD-ROM based testing engine included, providing for realistic exam preparation and readiness feedback. Plus, the RFID+ Certification Exam Cram has the CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum (CAQC) seal of approval!

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Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. We Want to Hear from You!
  5. Introduction
  6. Self-Assessment
  7. RFID+ Certification Exam
    1. CompTIA’s RFID+ and Other Certifications
    2. About the RFID+ Exam
    3. Signing Up to Take the Exam
    4. Scheduling the RFID+ Exam
    5. Taking the Test
  8. RFID Tags
    1. Basic Tag Anatomy
    2. Passive Communication Methods
    3. Tag Frequencies
    4. Tag Construction Methods
    5. EPC Classes
    6. Tag Selection and Placement
    7. Exam Prep Questions
    8. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
    9. Need to Know More?
  9. Interrogation Zone Basics
    1. RFID Interrogator Functionality
    2. Types of RFID Interrogators
    3. Interrogator Installation
    4. Interrogation Zone Considerations
    5. RFID Antennas
    6. Antenna Field Calculations
    7. Exam Prep Questions
    8. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
    9. Need to Know More?
  10. Peripherals
    1. RFID Printer/Encoder
    2. Printer Installation
  11. Site Analysis
    1. Initial Site Survey
    2. Exam Prep Questions
    3. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
    4. Need to Know More?
  12. Design Selection
    1. Frequency Selection
    2. Tag Type Selection
    3. Dwell Time
    4. Antenna Selection
    5. Cabling Considerations
    6. Equipment Selection and Protection
    7. Triggering Devices
    8. Interfaces
    9. Exam Prep Questions
    10. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
    11. Need to Know More?
  13. Installation
    1. Equipment Testing
    2. Placement Evaluation
    3. Connections Testing
    4. Grounding
    5. Equipment Configuration
    6. After Installation Testing
    7. Exam Prep Questions
    8. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
    9. Need to Know More?
  14. Troubleshooting
    1. Tag Failures
    2. Hardware and Software Diagnosis
    3. Component Replacement and Documentation
    4. Firmware Upgrades
    5. Exam Prep Questions
    6. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
    7. Need to Know More?
  15. Standards and Regulations
    1. Air Interface Protocol
    2. Tag Data Standards
    3. International Standards and Regulations
    4. Standards and Regulations by Region
    5. Safety Regulations
    6. Exam Prep Practice Questions
    7. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
    8. Need to Know More?
  16. Practice Exam 1
  17. Practice Exam 1 Answer Key
  18. Practice Exam 2
  19. Practice Exam 2: Answer Key
  20. CD Contents and Installation Instructions
    1. Multiple Test Modes
    2. Random Questions and Order of Answers
    3. Detailed Explanations of Correct and Incorrect Answers
    4. Attention to Exam Objectives
    5. Installing the CD
    6. Technical Support
  21. Glossary
  22. Acronym Guide