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RFID Sourcebook

Book Description

The realistic, no-hype guide to RFID evaluation, planning, and deployment

Approaching crucial decisions about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology? This book will help you make choices that maximize the business value of RFID technology and minimize its risks. IBM's Sandip Lahiri, an experienced RFID solution architect, presents up-to-the-minute insight for evaluating RFID; defining optimal strategies, blueprints, and timetables; and deploying systems that deliver what they promise.

Drawing on his experience, Lahiri offers candid assessments of RFID's potential advantages, its technical capabilities and limitations, and its business process implications. He identifies pitfalls that have tripped up early adopters, and shows how to overcome or work around them. This must-have resource can also act as a reference guide to any nontechnical person who wants to know about the technology.

From building business cases to testing tags, this book shares powerful insights into virtually every issue you're likely to face. Coverage includes

  • RFID "reality check": getting beyond the hype and the counterreaction

  • Aligning RFID strategy with business strategy

  • Assessing applications, both prevalent and emerging

  • Identifying opportunities to use RFID beyond supply chain applications

  • Choosing between RFID and barcodes

  • Realistically assessing potential ROI, one step at a time

  • Designing solutions that leverage RFID's advantages while overcoming its performance limitations

  • Understanding business flows impacted by a potential RFID deployment

  • Defining realistic roadmaps and timelines

  • Addressing oft-neglected real-world issues, from tag validation through managing expectations

  • Dealing with standards

  • RFID Sourcebook will help you ask the tough questions...build the right applications...avoid costly mistakes...work more effectively with suppliers and partners...time your initiative...even find alternatives to RFID when that makes sense. Whatever your role in RFID strategy, planning, or execution, have Sandip Lahiri's experience and knowledge on your side: You'll dramatically improve your odds of success.

    © Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. IBM Press
    3. Preface
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Technology Overview
      1. Fundamental Concepts
      2. RFID System
      3. Conclusion
    6. Advantages of the Technology
      1. Advantages of RFID
      2. Conclusion
    7. Limitations of the Technology
      1. Limitations of RFID
      2. Conclusion
    8. Application Areas
      1. Prevalent Application Types
      2. Emerging Application Types
      3. Conclusion
    9. Privacy Concerns
      1. Core Issue
      2. What Are Privacy Rights?
      3. Resolution Attempts
      4. Conclusion
    10. RFID Versus Bar Code
      1. Bar Codes
      2. Advantages of RFID Over Bar Codes
      3. Advantages of Bar Codes Over RFID
      4. Disadvantages of RFID and Bar Codes
      5. RFID Will Replace Bar Codes Soon
      6. Conclusion
    11. The RFID Strategy
      1. Why an RFID Strategy?
      2. Strategy Guidelines
      3. RFID Strategy to Deployment Strategy
      4. Conclusion
    12. Creating Business Justification for RFID
      1. Slap-and-Ship Type Application
      2. Step 1: Forming the Business Justification Team
      3. Step 2: Determining Potential Application Areas
      4. Step 3: Building Business Cases
      5. Step 4: Determining Priorities
      6. Step 5: Creating Roadmaps
      7. Conclusion
    13. Designing and Implementing an RFID Solution
      1. System Architecture
      2. Technical Variables
      3. Implementation Notes
      4. Conclusion
    14. Standards
      1. ANSI Standards
      2. AIAG Standard
      3. EAN*UCC Standard
      4. EPCglobal Specification
      5. U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
      6. ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
      7. ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)
      8. ERO (European Radiocommunications Office)
      9. The Open Services Gateway Initiative
      10. Contact Information of Standards Bodies
    15. Closing Thoughts
      1. Current Hurdles to Using RFID
      2. Comments and Observations
      3. Conclusion
    16. RFID Vendors, News Sources, and Conferences
      1. RFID Vendors
      2. RFID News Sources
      3. RFID Conferences
    17. Passive Tag Manufacturing Overview
      1. Die
      2. Tag Antenna
      3. Inlet
      4. Inlet Conversion
    18. Glossary
    19. Index