DRHCE: Sample Exam I

Before starting this exam, you may want to reinstall the VMs as described in Appendix A and as detailed in Chapter 1. This sample exam may include problems that overlap RHCSA objectives; however, a “clean” system best simulates what you may encounter. In any case, make sure to set the hardware addresses of the network adapters on the gamma, whitehat, and blackhat systems to 52:54:00:b8:a7:ea, 52:54:00:ec:81:11, and 52:54:00:9e:e2:28, respectively (per Chapter 1, Table 1-2). Now on to the boilerplate description of the sample exam.

The following questions help measure your understanding of the material presented in this book. As discussed in the introduction, you should be prepared to complete the RHCE exam in 2.0 hours (120 ...

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