Appendix A. Tables of RibbonX Tags

This appendix contains the tables of all elements required to build custom Ribbon solutions.

The appendix is divided into two main sections: RibbonX Container elements and Ribbon Control elements. The former includes all of the elements from the CustomUI element to the group element, and the latter includes detailed tables of the specific controls with which the user would interact.

Each element's table lists all of the static and dynamic attributes that may be assigned to a Ribbon element, including the VBA callback signatures for the dynamic elements. In addition, each attribute is marked with its allowed and default values.

You'll also appreciate that the files are available in the companion files for this book. These can be downloaded from the book's website at

How to Use This Appendix

Each of the tables within this appendix has a column labeled REQ to indicate which of the attributes are required when using an element. Some of the attributes are required, some are not, and in some cases only one of several attributes can be used, so we have devised Table A-1 to help you interpret this column in the tables.

Similar to the way in which they were covered in the chapters, the attributes are first grouped and then ordered by required attributes, then insert attributes, then all optional attributes.


The # symbol in the Marking column is used to indicate a numeric value, and it should not be interpreted as part of the marking ...

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