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Riding the Tiger: Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times

Book Description

Leadership in Crisis—no one has lived this more than Satyam Computer Services of India. From Reuter's: 'India's Satyam Computer faces a crisis of "unimaginable proportions", its interim chief executive said a day after the chairman revealed profits had been falsely inflated for years. Chairman Raju resigned in India's biggest corporate scandal in memory, after saying that about $1 billion, or 94 percent of the cash and bank balances on the company's books at year end-September did not exist. The company's shares plunged nearly 80 percent.' How to recover? So began the journey toward a different strategy for leaders, which included new behaviors, competencies, and expectations to control the damage, and rebuild what could be rebuilt. Leaders went on autopilot when it came to management; they went to work assessing the situation, implementing customer retention measures, and shoring up the business. This new title, authored by the leaders who stayed the course, shows what was learned and offers a specific, step-by-step approach how the organizational renewal was spurred by leadership through learning. In today's turbulent economy of rising and falling corporate giants, Cohen and Nelson offer hope and inspiration, all the while charting a recovery course that brings success.