Right Risk

Book description

Risks are a part of a fully-lived life—and are essential for personal and professional advancement. Right Risk draws on the experiences and insights of successful risk-takers (including the author's own experiences as a daredevil high diver) to detail ten principles you can use to take risks with greater intelligence and confidence.

Right Risk is about taking more deliberate and intentional risks. It will teach you how to determine which risks to take and which to avoid, how to balance the need to take more risks with the need to preserve your safety, and how to confront all those people who tell you what a mistake it would be to take the risk.

Right Risk will teach you to make wise and courageous choices—to confidently face life's challenges and take advantage of life's opportunities. It will help you become more comfortable with the uncomfortable, more courageous in facing fear, and more prepared to take the risks you've always wanted to take. It will help you take the giant leaps you've been dreaming of.

Product information

  • Title: Right Risk
  • Author(s): Bill Treasurer
  • Release date: June 2003
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781576758854