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Right-Time Experiences: Driving Revenue with Mobile and Big Data

Book Description

Grasp how mobile, big data, and analytics are combining to change business processes

Right Experience, Right Results: Improving Profits, Margin, and Engagement with Mobile and Big Data illustrates how businesses can use mobility, big data, and analytics to enhance or change business processes, improve margins through better insight, transform customer experiences, empower employees with real-time, actionable insight, and more. The book depicts how companies can create competitive differentiation using mobile, cloud computing big data, and analytics to improve commerce, customer service, and communications with employees and consumers.

In the past, the technologies used to deliver personalized and contextual services were either unavailable, unaffordable, or reserved solely for the consumer market. Today, however, the next wave of computing—mobile, cloud computing. big data, and analytics—has provided the foundation for businesses to create adaptive, personalized applications and services. Delivered point-of-need, these smarter services allow enterprise products and services to meet the burgeoning demand for always-connected, accurate, and real-time information. Right Experience, Right Results: Improving Profits, Margin, and Engagement with Mobile and Big Data is your guide to the new way of doing things. The book includes:

  • Real world examples that illustrate how companies across various industries are creating better business processes by integrating new technologies

  • A three step action plan for getting started and overcoming obstacles

  • An electronic checklist with numerous actions that help get you up and running with incorporating mobile, big data, and analytics

  • A guide to drawing insight from mobile, social, and other sources to create richer experiences

  • If you're a CEO, chief marketing officer, marketing director, or business manager, Right Experience, Right Results gives you everything you need to harness technology to breathe new life into your business.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Preface
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Part I: Adapt or Fail
      1. Chapter 1: The Future Is Here
        1. We Are Living in a Connected World
        2. Cloud Computing Enables New Entrants and Business Models
        3. Mobile and Social Change Engagement
        4. Social, Mobile, and IoT Create Big Data
        5. Delivering New Experiences
        6. Summary
        7. Notes
      2. Chapter 2: Marching Backwards into the Future
        1. Three Issues Stall Change
        2. Finding Your Blind Spots
        3. Taming the Beast of External Risks
        4. Summary
        5. Notes
    8. Part II: Why Right-Time Experiences are Key
      1. Chapter 3: New Realities Demand New Right-Time Experiences
        1. Contextual Computing Leads to Insight
        2. Adaptive Makes Interactions Personal
        3. Connected Makes Interactions Actionable
        4. Hertz Drives RTEs
        5. Right-Time Experiences Don't Happen Overnight
        6. The 3 Cs of Right-Time Experience
        7. Summary
        8. Notes
      2. Chapter 4: Communications in a Right-Time Experience
        1. Communications Move from Generic to Contextual
        2. New Devices Change Communications Opportunities
        3. Communications Builds a Bridge to Commerce
        4. Improve the Quality of Civic Life
        5. Summary
        6. Notes
      3. Chapter 5: Care in a Right-Time Experience
        1. Mobile Extends Options and Information to Everyone
        2. Closing the Deal Faster
        3. Enhance and Transform Customer Care Experiences
        4. Using IoT to Improve the Employee and Customer Experience
        5. Transform the Organization with New Options
        6. Curing Cancer with Cognitive Computing
        7. Big Data and Mobile Deliver Predictive Knowledge
        8. Respond to Problems and Opportunities in Real Time
        9. Summary
        10. Notes
      4. Chapter 6: Commerce in a Right-Time Experience
        1. Mobile and Context Change Commerce
        2. RTEs Change B2B Commerce
        3. The Role of Big Data in Commerce
        4. Summary
        5. Notes
    9. Part III: How to Prepare for Change
      1. Chapter 7: Evolve to Right-Time Experiences in Three Phases
        1. Define a Mobile-Enablement Strategy
        2. Evolve to a Mobile-Enabled RTE Business
        3. Phase 1
        4. Phase 2
        5. Phase 3
        6. Summary
        7. Notes
      2. Chapter 8: Understanding the Components of the Technical Plan: Mobility
        1. What's Part of the Plan?
        2. Building Mobile-First Applications
        3. How Much Does It Cost?
        4. Palador's Application Cost Estimate Framework
        5. Summary
        6. Notes
      3. Chapter 9: Understanding the Components of the Technical Plan: Big Data
        1. How Big Data Helps Deliver Better Outcomes
        2. The Business Case for Big Data
        3. The Challenge of Big Data
        4. Summary
        5. Notes
      4. Chapter 10: Engage and Empower Employees
        1. Use Mobile, Social, and Big Data to Recruit
        2. Build a Training Plan
        3. Engage Employees with Games
        4. Get IT on Board and Drive Change
        5. Be Open to Creating New Roles or Expanding Roles
        6. Summary
        7. Notes
      5. Chapter 11: Closing Thoughts
    10. About the Author
    11. Index
    12. End User License Agreement