Chapter 5Care in a Right-Time Experience

Enterprises that excel at customer experience understand that aspects of customer care exist in every part of a transaction, from presale through postsale service. As we've seen, technology now enables organizations to deliver experiences that were not possible in the past. If a business is listening, it can learn about problems and potential service and product opportunities on social media faster than it can through existing customer care channels.

Mobile provides a channel for companies to create one-to-one relationships and tap into contextual data from mobile devices. It provides the opportunity to deliver care at any time, from any location to a wide range of devices. Customer care in a right-time experience is everything from having a useful mobile-friendly website to being able to answer a customer's problem with the first call or no call at all. This chapter shows how a diverse group of organizations improve customer and employee care through right-time experiences.

Mobile Extends Options and Information to Everyone

Once again, the principles of a good customer care experience apply to internal customers (business-to-employee experiences), business partners, prospects, and customers. As consumers, we have an idea of what care means from a customer's perspective. And I discuss how right-time experiences can improve that experience in a moment. However, what does good customer care mean from an employee's perspective? It means ...

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