Chapter 8Risk analysis process for an offshore installation

A risk analysis is to be carried out for an offshore installation. The installation is part of a so-called production complex, that is, bridge-linked installations. The installation in question is a production platform. The scope of the case is a significant modification of the installation, implying adding new production equipment, which will have an impact on the risk level. New equipment units will imply additional potential leak sources, with respect to gas and/or oil leaks, which may cause fire and/or explosion, if ignited. The decision to be made is whether or not to install additional fire protection for the personnel in order to reduce the consequences in the event of fires on the installation.

The installation has been designed with rather limited protection of personnel during the use of escape ways against fire and explosion effects. The installation has an important function at the field as the only installation to process oil and gas from the field. The operation is expected to continue for the next 20 years. The example is based on Aven (2008).

8.1 Planning

8.1.1 Problem definition

Following a review of the problem, it was quickly evident that one was faced with three alternatives:

  1. 1. Minor improvement in order to compensate for increased risk due to new equipment, but no further risk reduction.
  2. 2. Installation of protective shielding on existing escape ways together with overpressure protection in ...

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