Chapter 10Risk analysis process for a cash depot

We return to the problem described in Section 1.3.3. A risk analysis is to be conducted for the NOKAS facility. How should this be done? How should the analysis be planned, executed and used?

Our starting point is the description of the analysis (the analysis process) as carried out in 2005 (Vatn 2007). We have, however, made some adjustments, to be in line with the principles adopted in this book. The presentation shows only excerpts from the analysis; it is simplified, and all the figures have been changed. We refer the reader to the discussion at the end of the chapter for some comments regarding the differences between our presentation and the original analysis.

10.1 Planning

10.1.1 Problem definition

NOKAS, owned by Norges Bank (the Central Bank of Norway), DnB (the Norwegian Bank) and others, moved in May 2005 into new facilities located at Gausel, close to Stavanger. The area where the building is located is called Frøystad. The area is zoned for industry, but NOKAS has as its closest neighbour a cooperative kindergarten—and is also located close to a residential area. Prior to the move by NOKAS, the local municipality imposed an order on the enterprise to draw up a community safety plan for third parties (third persons) in the area, including report on perceived risks. Several analyses and reviews of the risks were then carried out. We will not look closer into these analyses here; our focus is the way we should plan, ...

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