Numerous discussions with well-known financial academics and managers and with my students at NYU-Polytechnic Institute have contributed to this book. Among the many I have consulted are Nassim Nicholas Taleb, whose extraordinary efforts remind us all that finance is about practice, not only theories; Alain Bensoussan; Pierre Vallois; Tyrone Duncan; Elias Shiu; Lorne Switzer; Sébastien Galy; Daniel Totouom-Tangho; JeanCarlo Bonilla; Roy Freedman; Daniel, Dafna, and Oren Tapiero (each of whom is involved in the real world of finance and economic development); Konstantin Kogan; Aimé Scannavino; Bertrand Munier; Mirela Ivan; Kevin Koshy; and many others whose names would fill pages of this book. I have learned from, interpreted, and used many other authors’ contributions in a manner that is coherent with the intent of the book. I apologize if I have failed to refer fully to some of their work.
My colleagues in the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering, in particular Phil Maymin and Barry Blecherman, are gratefully acknowledged for both their comments and their contributions to making the Finance and Risk Engineering program at NYU-Polytechnic Institute far more in tune and sensitive to bridge economic theory and financial practice.
Last but not least, this book could not have been written without the tolerance of my life partner, Carole Solomon, a woman of great distinction, who had to endure many moments of my escaping into isolation in order to complete this ...

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