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Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps, Second Edition: A guide to iLife ’05, .Mac, and more!

Book Description

Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps: A Guide to iLife05, .Mac, and More is a companion volume to Robin Williams Mac OS X Book, Tiger Edition. Together they continue the tradition of Robin's classic guide to the Mac OS, The  Little Mac Book. Because Apple now provides a long list of useful applications with Mac OS X, its state-of-the art operating system, it's impractical to cover all of the Mac OS in one volume. This book gives you detailed explanations and tutorials of the main applications that Mac OS X installs on your computer. In addition, you'll learn how subscribing to a .Mac account can enhance your digital lifestyle. John and Robin cover each application in detail in the clear and friendly style for which their award-winning books are known. Through tutorials, tips, and techniques you'll learn how to use each of the powerful apps--both individually and as part of an integrated, interactive suite.

Whether you're a new or veteran user, you'll welcome this book's easy approach to all that's new (and not so new) in Tiger's application collection. You'll find an entire chapter on GarageBand 2, Apple's newly  updated consumer-level music-making software. You'll also learn everything about getting on the Internet and using email, including the greatest Web browser, Safari; the way-cool iChat AV, which adds audio and video to instant messaging;  iTunes, which includes access to the revolutionary Apple iTunes Music Store; iCal, Apple's sleek and shareable calendar application; Dashboard, the handy strip of desktop "widget" applications (including stock tickers, RSS feeds, address book, and more );  iMovie, Apple's newly updated  movie-making software with HD capabilities and advanced editing tools,  and much more.


Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Cool apps, hot stuff
  3. one. iLife
    1. 1. iPhoto
      1. Open iPhoto
      2. The iPhoto Main Window
      3. Import Your Photos
        1. Import photos from a digital camera
        2. Import photos from a digital memory card reader
        3. Import photos from a location on your hard disk or from a CD
      4. Viewing Your Photos
      5. The Information Pane
        1. To use the Information pane
      6. The Keywords Pane
        1. Use the Keywords pane to find photos
        2. To assign keywords to photos
        3. To add, remove, or rename keywords
      7. The Calendar Pane
        1. To find photos by date using the Calendar
        2. To show photos from specific years, months, weeks or days
      8. iPhoto Preferences
        1. General preferences
          1. Sources
          2. Double-click photo
          3. Rotate
          4. Email photos using
        2. Appearance preferences
          1. Border
          2. Background
          3. Organize View
          4. “Source” Text
        3. Sharing preferences
        4. Keywords preferences
      9. Create an Album and Add Photos to It
        1. To create a new album
        2. To add photos to an album
        3. To rename an existing album
        4. To delete photos from an album
        5. To duplicate an album
      10. Create Smart Albums
        1. To create a Smart Album
        2. To edit a Smart Album's settings
      11. Rate Your Photos
        1. To rate a photo
      12. The Organize View
        1. Organize photos into albums
          1. Advantages of organizing photos into albums
          2. To delete unwanted photos from the Library
      13. Sort the Order of Photos
        1. Add titles and comments
      14. Keywords
        1. To assign keywords to photos
        2. What the checkmark indicates
      15. Search For Photos
      16. The Photo Info Window
        1. The Photo pane
        2. The Exposure pane
        3. The Keywords pane
      17. Edit Photos
        1. To view a photo for editing
        2. Create a duplicate photo before you do anything drastic
        3. Crop an image
        4. Improve photos with the Enhance tool
          1. To use the Enhance tool
        5. Rotate an image
        6. Reduce red-eye
        7. Touch up photos with the Retouch tool
          1. To use the Retouch brush
        8. Convert a photo to black and white or sepia
        9. Use the Adjust tools to edit images
        10. Straighten crooked photos
        11. Edit a photo in a separate window
      18. iPhoto Books
        1. Create a book
        2. Order your book
      19. Create a slideshow
        1. The quick method
        2. The more controlled method
      20. Use a Slideshow to Preview Your Albums
      21. Share Slideshows
        1. Export a slideshow as a QuickTime movie
        2. Export a slideshow to iDVD
      22. The Organize Toolbar
      23. Print Your Photos to a Desktop Pprinter
      24. Share Photos through Email
      25. Order Traditional Prints of Your Photos
      26. Build a HomePage Photo Album and Publish it to the Web
      27. Publish a Slideshow on the Internet with .Mac Slides
        1. Create a .Mac slideshow
        2. Subscribe to a .Mac slideshow
      28. Choose a Photo as Your Desktop Background
      29. Send Photos to iDVD
        1. To send photos to iDVD
      30. Burn a CD or DVD-R of Selected Photos
        1. To burn photos onto a disc
      31. Export Photos in Various Formats
        1. Export copies or convert photos to other file formats
          1. To export or convert photos
        2. Export your photos as a web site
          1. To export your photos as a web site
        3. Export photos as a QuickTime slideshow
          1. To export as a QuickTime slideshow
      32. Extra Tips and Information
        1. Search the Internet for iPhoto scripts and plugins
    2. 2. iTunes
      1. The iTunes Interface
      2. Play CDs
        1. To play a music CD
        2. To see the actual song titles, if they have not appeared
        3. To choose the songs on the CD you want to play
      3. The iTunes Library
        1. To add songs to the Library
      4. Create Your Own Playlists
        1. Create a new playlist and add songs to it
          1. To add selections to the playlist from a CD
          2. To add a song to a playlist from the Library
        2. Smart Playlists
          1. To create a new Smart Playlist
      5. Play the Radio
        1. To play the radio in iTunes
        2. To enter another radio address
      6. Music File Formats
      7. The iTunes Music Store
        1. Preview and buy songs and albums
        2. Preview and buy audiobooks
        3. Copy iTunes Music Store links
        4. Use Search, Power Search, or Browse to find specific songs
        5. Music charts
        6. Watch music videos and movie trailers
        7. Create and publish your own iMix playlist
        8. Allowance, gift certificates, prepaid cards, and shopping carts
        9. iTunes and iTunes Music Store restrictions
      8. Manage and Play Videos in iTunes
        1. Download videos from iTunes Music Store
        2. Import your own QuickTime videos
        3. Create a video Smart Playlist
        4. Set a default for video playback
      9. The Source Pane
      10. The Detail Window
        1. Select and play songs
        2. Resize or rearrange columns
        3. Organize the column information
      11. View Options
      12. Controller Buttons
      13. Close, Minimize, and Zoom Buttons
      14. Search the iTunes Library
        1. To search
      15. Browse the iTunes Library
      16. Party Shuffle
        1. To create a Party Shuffle playlist
      17. Quick Links
      18. Share Music Over a Local Network
      19. Print CD Jewel Case Inserts, Song Listings, or Album Listings
        1. To print a CD jewel case insert, song listing, or album listing
      20. Song Information and Options
        1. To open the Song Information window
        2. Summary
        3. Info
        4. Options
      21. Status Display
        1. The SnapBack button
      22. The Multi-Function Button
        1. To burn a CD
      23. Import Music from a CD
        1. To rip music files
        2. Rip multiple music files from a CD as one track
        3. Rip music files to other formats
      24. Rate Your Songs
      25. Export Playlists as Plain Text, Unicode, or xml Files
      26. iTunes Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. Audio preferences
        3. Importing preferences
        4. Burning preferences
        5. Sharing preferences
        6. Store preferences
        7. Advanced preferences
      27. iTunes Visualizer
        1. Visualizer configurations
        2. Visualizer modes
        3. Save a favorite configuration
          1. To save a favorite configuration as a preset
        4. Visualizer Help
      28. iTunes Equalizer
        1. To save your custom settings as a preset
        2. To edit the preset list
      29. Connect an iPod
        1. Transfer songs to an iPod
        2. Use the iPod as an external hard disk
        3. Create an On-The-Go playlist on the iPod
        4. Create a playlist directly in your iPod
      30. Sync Contacts and Calendars to iPod
      31. Menu Commands
        1. File menu
        2. Edit menu
        3. Controls menu
        4. Visualizer menu
        5. Advanced menu
        6. Window menu
        7. Help menu
      32. Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts
    3. 3. iMovie
      1. The Steps of Making a Movie
        1. Connect a video camera
          1. To connect your camera
        2. Create a new iMovie project
        3. Preview the video footage in your camera
        4. Import video footage into iMovie
        5. Delete clips and empty the Trash
        6. Import live video with a video camera
      2. Edit Video Clips
        1. To display and preview a clip
        2. Trim or crop selected clips
          1. To trim a clip
          2. To crop a clip
      3. Add Clips to the Timeline
        1. To copy and paste a clip
        2. To use the Monitor to trim or crop a clip that's already in the Timeline
        3. To trim clips directly in the Timeline
        4. Recover deleted footage from a cropped or trimmed clip
        5. Keep track of your Trash
        6. Choose a Timeline View
        7. About the Timeline
          1. Add clips to the Timeline
          2. Rearrange clips in the Timeline
          3. Return clips to the Clips Pane from the Timeline
          4. Use the Zoom slider to magnify clips in Timeline View
        8. Renaming clips
          1. To rename a clip in the Clips Pane
          2. To rename a clip in the Timeline
        9. Get information about clips
        10. Render clips
        11. Use bookmarks to mark key frames of clips
        12. Preview the assembled clips
      4. Add Enhancements
        1. Transitions
          1. To add a transition effect between two clips
        2. Add titles to your movie
          1. To add titles to your movie
          2. To delete a title
          3. To modify and update a title
        3. Place still photos in the Timeline
        4. Import still photos
          1. To import from a CD or from any location on your computer
        5. The Ken Burns Effect: pan-and-zoom still photos
          1. To apply a Ken Burns effect to a still photo
        6. Effects
          1. To add effects to a clip in your movie
        7. Audio
          1. Add audio files to your movie
          2. To record a narration clip
          3. To import an audio track from anywhere on your computer
          4. To review and import a CD soundtrack
        8. Advanced audio editing
        9. Create chapter markers in a movie
          1. To add chapter markers
      5. Create an idvd Project
        1. To create an iDVD Project
      6. More Ways to Share a Movie
        1. To share your movie
        2. Email option
        3. HomePage option
        4. Videocamera option
        5. iDVD option
        6. QuickTime option
        7. Bluetooth option
      7. iMovie Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. Import preferences
        3. Playback preferences
      8. Advanced Tips
        1. Split video clips at the Playhead position
        2. Create a still frame
        3. Save a single frame in another format
        4. Reverse a clip's direction
        5. Create a color clip
        6. Extract audio in paste over
        7. Lock an audio clip to a video clip
        8. Use contextual menus to choose commands
        9. Extract audio from a clip
        10. Use bookmarks to mark important frames
      9. Make a Magic iMovie
    4. 4. iDVD
      1. What Do You Need to Make DVDs?
        1. Supported disc formats
        2. If you don't have a SuperDrive
        3. What iDVD does not do
      2. Make a OneStep DVD
      3. Start by Selecting a Theme
        1. To select a theme
        2. Drop zones
        3. Dynamic drop zones
      4. The Settings Pane of the Customize Drawer
        1. Duration setting
        2. Background and audio settings
        3. Title and Button settings
          1. Edit text buttons
          2. Edit picture buttons
        4. Transition settings
        5. How to create buttons
        6. Save a customized menu as a favorite
        7. Delete a favorite
        8. Customize a motion button
      5. The Media Pane of the Customize Drawer
        1. Audio media
        2. Photos media
        3. Movies media
      6. Create Additional Menus
        1. Create submenus
        2. Create a scene menu
        3. To automatically create scene menus
      7. Add Text to a Menu
      8. Create a Slideshow
        1. The Slideshow editor window
        2. More slideshow settings
        3. iDVD slideshow photo formats
        4. Add music to a slideshow
      9. Map View
      10. Create a Music DVD
      11. Create DVD-ROM Content
        1. To put DVD-ROM content in your DVD project
        2. To access the DVD-ROM content that's on a DVD disc
      12. Preview Your iDVD Project
      13. Change the Name of a DVD
      14. Burn Your Project to a DVD
      15. The Status Pane of the Customize Drawer
      16. Preferences
        1. General preferences
          1. Project Settings:
          2. Encoder Settings:
          3. Video Standard
          4. Warnings
        2. Slideshow preferences
        3. Movies preferences
      17. The Advanced Menu
        1. Motion
        2. Hide/Show Motion Playhead
        3. Show TV Safe Area
        4. Apply Theme To Project
        5. Apply Theme To Folders
        6. Loop Movie
        7. Delete Encoded Assets
        8. Edit DVD-ROM Contents…
      18. Archive Your Project
        1. To archive an iDVD project
      19. Save As Disc Image
      20. iDVD Specifications, Formats, and Limitations
    5. 5. GarageBand
      1. Create a New Song File
      2. The GarageBand Interface
        1. A close look at tracks
        2. The Loop Browser
        3. The Track Editor
        4. Notation View
        5. Other controls in the main GarageBand window
      3. Compose Your First Song
        1. Find loops for your song
        2. Preview loops
        3. Build a song with tracks
          1. Use the “New Track” window to add a new track
          2. Input settings in the “New Track” window
            1. Drag loops from the Loop Browser to the Timeline
          3. Add multiple loops to a track
          4. Convert loops and regions
            1. To convert a Software Instrument loop to a Real Instrument loop
            2. To convert a Software Instrument region to a Real Instrument region
          5. Control your Timeline view
          6. Monitor GarageBand's processing
          7. Arrange and modify regions in your song
            1. Ways to modify a region
            2. To transpose a region
          8. Change the grid
        4. Mix Your Song
          1. Adjust track volume
          2. Adjust pan position
          3. Add effects
            1. To add effects to a track
              1. Add effects to the entire song
          4. Real Instruments and Software Instruments
            1. Real Instruments
            2. Software Instruments
          5. Record Live Instruments or Vocals
            1. To record in a Real Instrument track
            2. To record in a Software Instrument track
          6. Musical Typing
          7. Save Your Song as an Archive
            1. To save a song as an archive
          8. Add Additional Loops to GarageBand
          9. The Master Track
          10. Export Your Song to iTunes
            1. To export your song to iTunes
          11. GarageBand Preferences
            1. General preferences
            2. Audio/MIDI preferences
            3. Export preferences
            4. Advanced preferences
  4. two. .Mac apps
    1. 6. iDisk
      1. Put iDisk on Your Desktop
        1. To open your iDisk
        2. How does your Mac know which iDisk to open?
        3. Other ways to open your iDisk
      2. iDisk Contents
      3. It's Easy to Get Confused!
      4. Save Directly to Your iDisk
      5. Manage Your iDisk with iDisk Utility
        1. To download iDisk Utility from the .Mac web site
        2. To open a Public Folder, either yours or another member's
        3. To access an entire iDisk
        4. To set access privileges or password protection
        5. To monitor your iDisk Storage
      6. iDisk Storage Settings
        1. To change your iDisk storage settings
      7. iDisk Preferences
    2. 7. iCards
      1. Send an iCard
        1. To send an iCard from the iCard Image Library
      2. Create Your Own iCard
        1. To create your own iCard
    3. 8. HomePage
      1. Add Photos, QuickTime Movies, and HTML Files to iDisk
        1. Use images from Apple's Image Library
      2. Build a Web Site with HomePage
      3. Add another page
      4. Add password protection to a site
      5. Create a Site Menu
      6. Create Another Site
        1. To create a new site
        2. Site management
      7. Add External HTML Pages with HomePage
        1. To add external HTML files for use in HomePage
      8. Create a File-Sharing Page
    4. 9. .Mac webMail
      1. .Mac webMail
        1. Start using .Mac webMail
      2. Get your Mail and Read It
      3. Compose and Send a Message
      4. Use Address Book
        1. Open Address Book from the navigation bar
          1. Open Address Book from the toolbar
        2. Synchronize .Mac's Address Book with your Mac's Address Book
          1. To set up syncing for webMail's Address Book
        3. Set .Mac Address Book preferences
      5. Attach a File to a Message
      6. The “Go To” Menu
      7. Make New Folders for Organizing Mail
      8. Set webMail Preferences
        1. Viewing preferences
        2. Composing preferences
        3. Account preferences
    5. 10. Backup
      1. Important Note about Backups
      2. Download and Install Backup
      3. The Backup Window
      4. Add Items to the Backup List
        1. Delete items from the backup list
      5. The Details Drawer
        1. Exclude items from a backup
      6. Backup to Your iDisk
      7. Backup to a Disk Drive
      8. Backup to a cd or dvd
      9. Schedule Your Backups
      10. Remove Items or Clear Your iDisk
        1. To remove a backed-up item from your iDisk
      11. Restore Files from an iDisk
        1. To copy backed-up files from your iDisk back to your computer
      12. Restore Files from a Disk Drive
        1. To copy backed-up files from a backup drive to your computer
      13. Restore Files from a CD or DVD
        1. To copy backed-up files from a CD or DVD back to your hard disk
    6. 11. iSync
      1. Sync Your Main Mac to the .Mac Server
        1. Show iSync status in the menu bar
          1. To make the iSync icon appear in the menu bar
          2. To use the iSync menu
      2. Sync Your Mac to Another Mac
      3. The Advanced Pane
      4. iSync Preferences
      5. Add Devices and Synchronize
        1. Add a Bluetooth phone to iSync
        2. Reset a device
        3. Add a Palm OS device to iSync
    7. 12. .Mac Bookmarks
      1. Sync your Safari Bookmarks
        1. Sync your bookmarks with .Mac
      2. Access Your Bookmarks
      3. Managing .Mac Bookmarks
        1. Add bookmarks
        2. Add folders
        3. Delete bookmarks
          1. To delete a bookmark
      4. Bookmark Preferences
      5. The .Mac Bookmarks Toolbar
  5. three. Mac OS X apps
    1. 13. iCal
      1. The iCal Window
        1. Your list of calendars
        2. Choose a calendar view
        3. The mini-month pane
        4. Return to today's date
        5. The Notifications box
      2. Create a New Calendar
      3. Create a Calendar Group
      4. Create a New Event
        1. To create an event
        2. Create an all-day event or a multi-day event
          1. To create an all-day event
          2. To create a multi-day event
          3. To create recurring events
      5. Delete an event
        1. To automatically delete events that have passed
      6. Backup Your iCal Data
      7. Invite Attendees to an Event
        1. To invite someone to an event
        2. Move an event
          1. To move an event to another month or year
          2. To move an event to another calendar
        3. Set an iCal alarm
          1. To set an Event alarm
        4. The Notifications box
      8. iCal Search
        1. To search for an event
        2. Search by category
      9. Create a To Do List
        1. To create a To Do list
        2. Rate the priority of To Do items
        3. The To Do Info drawer
        4. Print a To Do list
        5. Hide or show various To Do lists
      10. iCal Preferences
        1. Advanced Preferences
      11. Publish an iCal Calendar
        1. To publish your calendar
        2. Publish to a private server
        3. Make changes to a published calendar
        4. Unpublish an iCal calendar
      12. Subscribe to iCal Calendars
        1. To subscribe to any iCal calendar
        2. Other calendars available for subscription
        3. Refresh calendars
      13. Import Calendars
        1. To import a calendar file
      14. Export Calendars
        1. To export a calendar
      15. Change iCal's Time Zone Setting
        1. Change the time zone setting for iCal
        2. Change the time zone setting for an event
      16. Print Your iCal Calendar
        1. Save your iCal calendar as a pdf
      17. iCal Symbols and Icons
    2. 14. Safari RSS
      1. The Safari Interface
        1. Customize Safari's Address Bar
      2. Quick Tips
        1. Scrolling tips
        2. Bigger or smaller text on the web page
        3. Death to pop-up windows!
        4. Web address tips
        5. View a link's location in the Status Bar
        6. Links tips
        7. Archive a web page
        8. Email a web link or a web page
          1. To email an entire web page to someone
          2. To email a web link someone
        9. Create a Web Location file for any text link
        10. Open a Web Location icon
      3. Private Browsing
        1. When Private Browsing is turned on
        2. To turn on Private Browsing
        3. Other privacy tips
      4. Parental Controls
        1. To activate Parental Controls
      5. Safari Navigation
        1. Access web sites from the Address Book menu
        2. Choose a site from the History menu
          1. To put the Address Book menu in your Bookmarks Bar
      6. Safari's Google Search
        1. Limit your search for best results
        2. Limit your search even more
        3. Safari search tips
      7. Bookmarks Search
      8. History Search
        1. To bookmark a web page
        2. The Bookmarks Library
          1. The items in the Collections pane are
        3. Organize your bookmarks
          1. To make a new folder in the Collections pane
          2. To put a new bookmark in the new folder in the Collections pane
          3. To move an existing bookmark into a new folder in the Collections pane
          4. To move a bookmark or folder that's buried deep inside an existing Collection to a folder that's deep inside another Collection
          5. To make a new folder inside an existing collection
        4. The Bookmarks Bar
          1. To add a bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar
          2. To remove a bookmark from the Bookmarks Bar
        5. The History menu
        6. Import bookmarks from other browsers
      10. RSS—Information at a Glance
        1. Open RSS feeds from the Bookmarks Bar
        2. View all RSS articles
        3. Bookmark favorite RSS feeds
        4. Customize the RSS information display
        5. View all RSS feeds
        6. RSS preferences
        7. Turn RSS headlines into a Screen Saver
      11. SnapBack
        1. These are the ways to use SnapBack
        2. Use Auto-Click to open RSS bookmarks in a single tab
      12. Tabbed Browsing
        1. Preferences for Tabbed Browsing
        2. The Auto-Click feature
          1. To set a Collection (a folder of bookmarks) to Auto-Click
        3. Tabbed Browsing tips
      13. Safari Preferences
      14. Print a Web Page
        1. To print a web page
      15. Save pdf in Receipts Folder
      16. View pdfs Directly in Safari
      17. Add a Web Page Image to iPhoto
    3. 15. Mail
      1. The Viewer Window
      2. Basic Features of Mail
        1. Read a message
        2. Why to hide the message pane
        3. Have your mail read out loud to you
        4. Write and send a NEW message
        5. Use Smart Addresses
          1. Use the Address Pane to address messages
          2. Save a draft
        6. Check for messages
        7. Reply to the sender of a message
        8. Reply to ALL recipients of a message
        9. Forward a message
        10. Send a Bcc (blind courtesy copy)
        11. Attach a file
        12. Tips about attachments
        13. View an attachment someone has sent you
      3. Message List
        1. The columns of information
        2. View message threads
      4. Mailbox Sidebar
        1. Icons in the Sidebar
      5. Make New Mailboxes (Folders)
        1. To make a new mailbox (folder)
        2. Delete or rename existing mailboxes
      6. Word search through Spotlight, Google, or the Dictionary
      7. Mail Search
      8. Smart Mailboxes
        1. To create a Smart Mailbox from a search
        2. To create a Smart Mailbox Folder
        3. To create a Smart Mailbox by choosing criteria
      9. Contextual Menus
      10. Junk Mail Filter!
        1. Set up your window
        2. Train Mail to find junk more accurately
        3. Instantly delete junk mail
          1. To delete junk mail before it ever appears in your box
      11. The Toolbar
      12. Bounce to Sender
      13. Redirect
      14. Go Offline
      15. IMAP vs. POP
      16. Set up a New Account or Edit an Existing Account
        1. To open Preferences and get the Accounts pane
        2. All done?
      17. Mail Preferences
        1. General
          1. To open Preferences and get the General pane
        2. Fonts & Colors
          1. To open Preferences and get the Fonts & Colors pane
        3. Viewing
          1. To open Preferences and get the Viewing pane
        4. Composing
          1. To open Preferences and get the Composing pane
        5. Signatures
          1. To open Preferences and get the Signatures pane
        6. Rules
          1. To open Preferences and get the Rules pane
          2. To create a new Rule
      18. Menu Commands
        1. File menu
        2. Edit menu
        3. View menu
        4. Mailbox menu
        5. Window menu
        6. Format menu
        7. Scripts menu
    4. 16. Address Book
      1. Add New Names and Addresses
        1. To add a new address card while using Address Book
        2. To add a sender's email address to your Address Book instantly
        3. To add someone's address from your “Previous Recipients” list
      2. The Importance of the “Me” Card
      3. Send Email to Someone in your Address Book
      4. Explore the Other Label Options!
      5. Add New Fields or Edit the Template
        1. To add new fields to an individual card
        2. To add new fields to every card
      6. Add an Image to a Card (or delete an image)
        1. To add an image to a card
        2. To delete an image from a card
      7. Create and Use a Group Mailing List
        1. To make a Group mailing list
        2. Shortcut to make a Group
        3. Delete a contact name from a Group
        4. Send email to an entire Group
          1. To send an email message simultaneously to every person in a Group
        5. Suppress the address list when sending mail to a Group
          1. To suppress the Group list of addresses
      8. Create Smart Groups
        1. To create a Smart Group
      9. Add a Group to iCal
      10. Export an Address or a Group of Addresses
      11. Action Button
      12. Share your Address Book
        1. To share your Address Book
        2. Subscribe to someone's Address Book
      13. Backup your Address Book
        1. Restore your Address Book
      14. Send Updates
        1. To send updates of your card manually
        2. To send updates of your card automatically
      15. Other Preferences for Address Book
        1. vCard preferences
      16. Email Etiquette
    5. 17. iChat AV and Bonjour
      1. Set Up iChat
      2. Create a Buddy List
        1. Add people to your Buddy List
        2. Status and messages in your Buddy List
        3. Photos in your Buddy List
        4. Change your own photo, even while chatting
        5. Create actions for a selected Buddy
        6. Store information about a selected Buddy
      3. Text, Audio, and Video Chats
        1. iChat Text Messaging
          1. To start a text chat
      4. Instant Message, Direct Message, Group Text Chat, and Bonjour
      5. The iChat File Menu
        1. To set Chat Options for a New Chat
      6. More about Group Chats
        1. An easier way to start a group chat
        2. Create Chat Groups
          1. To use groups
          2. To create a new group
          3. Another way to create a Group Chat and invite others to join you
        3. Join an existing Chat Room
      7. Send or Receive Files through iChat
        1. To send a file to another iChat buddy in your list
      8. Save Transcripts of Chats
        1. To save an individual chat
        2. To automatically save all chat transcripts
        3. To open the most recently saved chat transcripts
        4. To read any saved chat
        5. To print a chat
      9. Customize the Chat Background
        1. To customize a chat window
      10. Create Additional Chat Accounts
        1. Set up iChat to use another chat account
      11. iChat Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. The Accounts preferences
          1. Server settings
        3. Messages preferences
        4. Alerts preferences
        5. Video preferences
      12. Audio Chats
        1. Set up for audio chats
        2. Minimum requirements for audio chats
          1. To initiate an audio chat, this is what you need
          2. To participate in an audio chat, this is what you need
        3. Start a 1-to-1 audio chat
        4. End a 1-to-1 audio chat
        5. Start a multi-person audio chat
      13. Video Chats
        1. Minimum requirements for video chats
          1. To initiate or participate in a 1-to-1 video chat
          2. To initiate a 3-way or 4-way video chat
          3. To participate in a 3-way or 4-way video chat
        2. Set up a video chat
        3. 1-to-1 video chats
        4. One-way video chats
        5. Multi-person video chats
      14. Bonjour
        1. To set up Bonjour
        2. It's not too late to set up Bonjour
        3. Send a file through a Bonjour Instant Message