Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps: Twelve apps for enhanced creativity and productivity, Third Edition

Book description

This popular book shows readers how to take advantage of the iLife '08 applications that to many are the coolest parts of using a Mac. Through tutorials, tips, and techniques readers will learn how to use each of the powerful applications -- individually and as part of an integrated, interactive suite. Robin and John also cover the features of the immensely popular .Mac Web Gallery, which enables you to share your iPhoto library with family and friends with just a few clicks. Friendly, practical instructions will have new and veteran Mac owners using all that's new in the suite in no time. They'll find everything about getting on the Internet and using email; using the way-cool iChat AV, which adds audio and video to instant messaging; using iTunes, including access to the iTunes Music Store; the new video libary in iMovie; new organization and editing tools in iPhoto; new animated themes in iDVD; and much more!

Table of contents

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  2. Not just cool, amazingly cool
    1. Section One: The coolest Mac apps for creativity
    2. Section Two: The coolest Mac apps for productivity
  3. One. The coolest Mac apps for creativity
    1. 1. iPhoto
      1. The iPhoto Window
        1. About Events
        2. Events mode
      2. Create a New Event
        1. Add Photos to an Event
        2. Drag photos between Events
        3. Drag photos from albums to Events
        4. Make the Events mode more useful
        5. Delete an Event
        6. Merge or split Events
        7. Photos mode
      3. The Source List
        1. Recent albums
        2. Other album categories
        3. The Information pane
      4. Import Photos
        1. Import photos from a camera or media card
        2. Import photos from your hard disk or a CD
      5. The View Menu
      6. Create an Album
      7. Create Smart Albums
      8. Organize with Folders
      9. iPhoto’s Toolbars
      10. Editing Tools in Events Mode
      11. Editing Tools in Photos Mode
        1. Create a new Event from flagged photos
        2. Add flagged photos to a selected Event
      12. Editing Tools in Edit Mode
        1. Rotate
        2. Crop
        3. Straighten
        4. Enhance
        5. Red-Eye
        6. Retouch
        7. Effects
        8. Adjust
      13. The Full Screen Toolbar
        1. The Info button
        2. The Compare button
      14. Full Screen Mode
      15. Hide Photos
      16. Create a Duplicate Photo
      17. Edit Photos in a Separate Window
      18. Show Photo Info
      19. Keywords
        1. The Keywords window
        2. Quick-picks
        3. Assign keywords to selected photos
        4. Remove keywords from selected photos
      20. Search for Photos
        1. Search for All
        2. Search by Date
        3. Search by Keyword
        4. Search by Rating
      21. iPhoto Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. Appearance preferences
        3. Events preferences
        4. Sharing preferences
        5. Web Gallery preferences
        6. Advanced preferences
      22. .Mac Web Gallery
        1. Publish a Web Gallery
        2. Web Gallery’s Online Option buttons
        3. Rename a Web Gallery
        4. Access a password-protected Web Gallery album
        5. Check for new Web Gallery photos
      23. Two Ways to Subscribe to a Web Gallery Album
        1. Subscribe as an RSS Feed
        2. Subscribe as a Photo Feed
      24. iPhoto Books
        1. Create a Book
        2. Add text to a page
        3. Change font style, size, or color
        4. Book tips
        5. Buy Book
        6. Low-resolution warning
      25. Share Your iPhoto Book
        1. Print a Book
        2. Save a Book as a PDF
        3. Show a Book as a Slideshow
      26. iPhoto Calendars
        1. Create a Calendar
        2. Edit Calendar photos
        3. Add text to a page
        4. Change font style, size, or color
        5. Calendar Tips
        6. Buy Calendars online
        7. Low-resolution warnings
        8. Other ways to share a Calendar
      27. iPhoto Cards
        1. Create a Card
        2. Edit the Card
        3. Save as a PDF
        4. Print Cards using your own printer
      28. Create a slideshow
      29. Ways to Share Your Slideshow
        1. Export your Slideshow as a QuickTime movie
        2. Email a Slideshow
        3. Send the Slideshow to iDVD
      30. Use a Slideshow to Preview and Edit Photos
      31. More Ways To Share Photos
        1. Share Photos through Email
        2. Print photos using a desktop printer
        3. Order Traditional Prints of Your Photos
        4. Send photos to iWeb
        5. Publish a Slideshow as a screen saver with .Mac Slides
        6. Subscribe to a .Mac slideshow
      32. Send Photos to iDVD
      33. Burn Selected Photos to a Disc
      34. Set a Photo as Your Desktop Picture
      35. Export Photos in Various Formats
        1. Export copies of photos in a variety of file formats
        2. Export your photos as a web site
        3. Export photos as a QuickTime slideshow
      36. Adjust the Date and Time of Photos
      37. Batch Change Information of Multiple Photos
    2. 2. iMovie ’08
      1. iMovie ’08 Overview
      2. The Event Library
      3. The Project Library
      4. The Viewer
      5. The iMovie ’08 toolbars
      6. Import Video from a Camcorder
        1. Import video from a tapeless camcorder
        2. Import video from a tape-based camcorder
      7. Other Ways to Import Video
        1. Import projects from iMovie HD
        2. Import from the Finder
        3. Import live video from iSight or a FireWire camera
        4. Import videos from iPhoto
      8. Working with Events
        1. The Events list and Events browser
        2. Skimming
        3. Reorganize the Event Library
        4. Trimming clips in the Event browser
        5. Adjust the appearance of the Events Library
      9. Create a Movie Project
        1. Preview clips and mark as Favorites or Rejects
        2. Create a Project and add video clips
      10. Add Music
        1. Adjust the volume of music tracks
        2. Apply Ducking to an audio track
      11. Add Voiceover
      12. Adjust Movie Color
      13. Add Titles to Your Movie
      14. Add Photos to a Movie
      15. Crop and Rotate Images
      16. Add Transitions
      17. Advanced Audio Editing Techniques
        1. Extract audio from a clip
        2. Normalize audio in video clips
        3. Copy audio or video adjustments and paste into other video clips
        4. Trim audio clips
        5. Trim background audio tracks
        6. Pin a background audio track to a video clip
        7. Arrange music tracks
      18. Advanced Video Editing Techniques
        1. Show Advanced Tools
        2. Using the dual mode toolbar
        3. Split an existing clip
        4. Create a sepia tone effect
        5. Quickly add short clips to the Project browser
        6. Remove part of a clip in the Project browser
        7. Fine tune the beginning or end frame of a clip
        8. Alternate access to the Fine Tuning feature
        9. Trim the start or end of a clip one frame at a time
        10. Delete a selection
        11. Delete an entire clip
        12. Add a Still Frame to your Project
      19. Tagging and Filtering with Keywords
      20. Sharing Your Movies
        1. Share with iTunes
        2. Share with the Media Browser
        3. Share your movie on YouTube
        4. Share movies on your .Mac Web Gallery
        5. Export a QuickTime movie
        6. Export using QuickTime
        7. Export movie to Image Sequence
      21. iMovie Preferences
      22. iMovie Tips
        1. Reposition the text in a Title
        2. Learn keyboard shortcuts for fast editing
        3. Trim to selection: a shortcut
        4. Duplicate transitions
        5. Duplicate titles
        6. Unpublish a movie Project
        7. Navigate a movie in full screen mode
        8. The Space Saver feature
        9. The Publish bar
        10. Print an Event or a Project or save as a PDF
        11. iMovie Alerts
    3. 3. iDVD
      1. iDVD Requirements and Specifications
        1. Supported disc formats
        2. Disk and project limitations
      2. Make a OneStep DVD
      3. Make a Magic iDVD
      4. Create a New iDVD Project
      5. iDVD Slideshows
      6. Create Chapter Markers for Movies
      7. Add a Submenu
      8. The Motion Playhead
      9. The Project Info Window
      10. Modify Menus
        1. Edit the font and size of text buttons
        2. Use the built-in alignment guides
        3. Replace text buttons with photo or movie buttons
        4. Edit photo and movie buttons
      11. The Inspector window
        1. The Button Info pane
        2. The Menu Info pane
        3. The Text Info pane
      12. Add Text to a Menu
      13. Save a Customized Menu as a Favorite
        1. Delete a favorite
      14. The DVD Map
      15. Burn Your Project to a DVD
      16. iDVD Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. Projects preferences
        3. Slideshow preferences
        4. Movies preferences
        5. Advanced Preferences
      17. Archive Your Project
      18. Save Your Project as a Disc Image
      19. Save as VIDEO_TS Folder
      20. Extra Tips
        1. The Motion command
        2. Hide the Motion Playhead
        3. Show TV Safe Area
        4. Show Standard Crop Area
        5. New Menu from Selection
        6. Apply Theme to Project
        7. Apply Theme to Submenus
        8. Delete Encoded Assets
      21. Create DVD-ROM Content
  4. Two. The coolest Mac apps for productivity
    1. 4. iTunes
      1. The iTunes Interface
      2. Play CDs
      3. Import CDs
      4. Create Your Own Playlists
        1. Create a new playlist and add songs to it
        2. Smart Playlists
      5. Burn an Audio CD
      6. Play the Radio
      7. The iTunes Store
        1. Preview and purchase multimedia content
        2. Download free content
        3. Rent movies
        4. Create and publish your own iMix playlist
        5. Use Search, Power Search, or Browse to find specific songs
        6. Get support from the iTunes Store
        7. Giving iTunes Gifts
      8. Manage and Play Videos in iTunes
        1. Download videos from the iTunes Store
        2. Import your own QuickTime videos
        3. Set a default for video playback
      9. The Source List
        1. Library
        2. Store
        3. Devices
        4. Shared
        5. Playlists
      10. The Detail Window
        1. Select and play songs
        2. Resize or rearrange columns
        3. Organize the column information
      11. View the iTunes Libraries
        1. List View
        2. Album View
        3. Cover Flow View
      12. Search the iTunes Libraries
      13. View Options
      14. Close, Minimize, and Zoom Buttons
      15. Controller Buttons
      16. Video Controller Buttons
      17. Party Shuffle
      18. Quick Links
      19. Share Music Over a Local Network
      20. Print CD Jewel Case Inserts, Song Listings, or Album Listings
      21. Song Information and Options
        1. Summary
        2. Info
        3. Video
        4. Sorting
        5. Options
        6. Lyrics
        7. Artwork
      22. Status Display
        1. The SnapBack button
      23. Rate Your Songs
      24. Export Playlists as Plain Text, Unicode, or XML Files
      25. iTunes Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. Podcasts preferences
        3. Playback preferences
        4. Sharing preferences
        5. Store preferences
        6. Advanced preferences
        7. Parental Control preferences
        8. Apple TV preferences
        9. Syncing preferences
      26. Music File Formats
      27. iTunes Visualizer
        1. Visualizer configurations
        2. Visualizer modes
        3. Save a favorite configuration
        4. Visualizer Help
      28. iTunes Equalizer
      29. Connect an iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV
        1. Transfer content to an iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV
        2. Automatically sync music, movies, and TV shows
        3. Automatically sync selected content with your device
        4. Manually manage music and videos
        5. Use an iPod as an external hard disk
        6. Sync Contacts, Calendars, and more to your iPhone or iPod
        7. Create Ringtones for an iPhone
        8. Update or restore your iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV
        9. Transfer iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store purchases to your computer
      30. Back up the iTunes Libraries
      31. Menu Commands
        1. File menu
        2. Controls menu
        3. View menu
        4. Store menu
        5. Advanced menu
      32. Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts
    2. 5. Mail
      1. Add Email Accounts to Mail
      2. The Mail Icon in the Dock
      3. Read and Send Email
      4. Customize the Message Window
      5. Do Not Display Junk Mail!
      6. Delete Junk Mail without Ever Seeing It!
      7. Use Stationery to Send Fancy Mail
      8. Save as Stationery
      9. Create Mailboxes to Organize Your Mail
      10. Filter Incoming Mail with Rules
      11. Add Signatures to Your Messages
      12. Search Your Mail
      13. Smart Mailboxes
        1. Create a Smart Mailbox
      14. To Do Items
      15. To Do Items in the Mail Window
      16. The Data Detector
      17. How Mail Works with iCal
      18. Notes
        1. Create a new Note
        2. Create a formatted list
        3. Format text in a Note
        4. Add attachments to a Note
        5. Add To Do items to a Note
        6. Send a Note as an email message
        7. View Notes in Mail
      19. RSS News Feeds in Mail
        1. Subscribe to an RSS news feed
      20. Attachments
      21. The Downloads Folder
      22. Mark Messages with Priority Settings
      23. Let Mail Complete a Word for You
      24. Create a Message Summary
      25. Archive Mailboxes
      26. Smart Addresses
      27. The Address Pane
      28. Save a Draft
      29. Reply to a Message
        1. Reply to all recipients of a message
      30. Forward a Message
      31. Send a Cc (courtesy copy) to others
      32. Send a Bcc (blind courtesy copy)
      33. Other Email Actions
      34. Bounce To Sender
      35. Redirect
      36. Go Offline
      37. Customize Mail’s Toolbar
      38. The Message Window
        1. The columns of information
      39. View Message Threads
      40. Parental Controls
      41. Word Search through Spotlight, Google, or the Dictionary
      42. Contextual Menus
      43. The Junk Mail Filter
        1. Train Mail to find junk more accurately
        2. Instantly delete junk mail
      44. Empty the Trash
      45. Remove Deleted Messages from the Server
      46. Mail Preferences
        1. General
        2. Accounts preferences
        3. RSS preferences
        4. Junk Mail preferences
        5. Fonts & Colors preferences
        6. Viewing preferences
        7. Composing
        8. Signatures preferences
        9. Rules preferences
      47. Menu Commands
        1. File menu
        2. Edit menu
        3. View menu
        4. Mailbox menu
        5. Window menu
        6. Format menu
        7. Script menu
    3. 6. Address Book
      1. The Address Book Window
      2. Add New Address Cards
      3. Start a Chat from Address Book
      4. Send an Email Message from Address Book
      5. The “Me” Card
      6. Editing the “Me” Card
      7. Explore the Other Label Options!
      8. Edit the Card Template
      9. Add an Image to a Card
        1. Delete a card’s image
      10. Create a Group Mailing List
        1. Shortcut to make a new Group
        2. Delete a name from a Group
        3. Delete a Group
        4. Send email to an entire Group
        5. Hide the address list when sending mail to a Group
      11. Create Smart Groups
      12. Add a Group to iCal
      13. Export an Address or a Group of Addresses
      14. Share Your Address Book
        1. Subscribe to an Address Book without an invitation
      15. Back Up Your Address Book
        1. Restore your Address Book
      16. Send Updates
      17. Address Book Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. Template preferences
        3. Phone Preferences
        4. LDAP Preferences
        5. vCard preferences
      18. Print Your Contact Information
    4. 7. iChat AV and Bonjour
      1. Set Up iChat
      2. Create an iChat Buddy List
        1. Add people to your Buddy List
      3. Show Information About a Buddy
      4. Status Messages In Your Buddy List
      5. Buddy Pictures
        1. Change a Buddy picture
        2. Put a Buddy’s iChat picture in Address Book
        3. Crop or resize Buddy pictures
        4. Collect pictures for your Buddy picture
        5. Message views
      6. Types of Chats
        1. Text messages
        2. Audio chats
        3. Video chats
      7. Instant Messages
      8. Direct Instant Messages
      9. Collect Multiple Instant Messages in One Window
      10. Customize the Chat Background
      11. View Your Account as Name or Handle
      12. Show a Message Date and Time
      13. Send or Receive Files through iChat
        1. Send HTML web addresses to others
      14. Send SMS messages to a mobile phone
      15. Chat Rooms and Group Chats
        1. Create a Chat Room
        2. Join an existing Chat Room
        3. Invite others to the Chat Room
        4. Create a Group Chat
        5. Save a copy of Chats
      16. Show Your Buddy List as Groups
      17. Audio Chats
        1. Setup for audio chats
        2. Minimum requirements for audio chats
        3. Start a 1-to-1 audio chat
        4. End a 1-to-1 audio chat
        5. Start a group audio chat
        6. Remove someone from a group audio chat
        7. Invite multiple buddies to a group audio chat
      18. Video Chats
        1. Minimum requirements for Video Chats
      19. Set up a video conference
        1. 1-to-1 Video Chats
        2. One-way Video Chats
        3. Multi-person Video Chats
      20. Screen Sharing
        1. Screen Sharing through Bonjour and iChat
        2. Screen Sharing through the Finder (on your local network)
        3. Screen Sharing Preferences
        4. End a Finder Screen Sharing session
      21. iChat Theater
        1. Share a File with iChat Theater
        2. Share iPhoto With iChat Theater
      22. iChat Effects
      23. Record Chats
        1. Locate recorded chats on your computer
      24. iChat Preferences
        1. General preferences
        2. The Accounts preferences
        3. Create Additional Accounts
        4. Messages preferences
        5. Alerts preferences
        6. Audio/Video preferences
      25. Bonjour
        1. Another way to enable Bonjour
        2. Use Bonjour to send a file to someone on your local network
        3. Send a file during a chat
      26. Final iChat Tip
    5. 8. Safari
      1. Safari Web Browser
      2. Enter a new web address quickly
      3. Find a Word or Phrase on the Current Page
      4. Fill in Forms and Passwords Automatically
      5. Block Pop-Up Windows!
      6. SnapBack to a Results Page or Other Page
      7. Quickly Enlarge or Reduce Text
      8. Tabbed Browsing
      10. Organize your bookmarks with folders
      11. Email the Contents of, or a Link to, a Web Page
      12. View PDF Documents
      13. Save a Page and Everything on It
      14. Make a Web Clip Widget
      15. Print Web Pages
      16. Private Browsing
      17. Parental Controls
      18. What Is RSS?
      19. View the existing feeds in Safari
      20. View the RSS Collections Apple has made for you
      21. Customize the information display
      22. Find other feeds
      23. Bookmark your favorite feeds
      24. Auto-Click to view all pages or feeds in tabs
      25. View RSS feeds in Mail
      26. Change the RSS preferences
      27. Send an RSS feed to a friend
      28. Use RSS Feeds as a screen saver
      29. Add a Web Page Image to iPhoto
      30. Safari Preferences
    6. 9. iCal
      1. The iCal Window
        1. The Calendars list
        2. Choose a calendar view
        3. The mini-month pane
        4. Return to today’s date
        5. The Notifications box
      2. Create a New Calendar
      3. Make a Calendar Group
      4. Create a New Event
        1. The event editor
        2. All-day events
      5. Delete an event
      6. Send iCal Invitations
        1. Invite someone to an event
        2. Reply to an iCal invitation
        3. Update iCal invitations
        4. Set an iCal event alarm
        5. Set a To Do alarm
      7. Create a To Do List
        1. Rate the priority of To Do items
        2. The To Do editor
        3. Hide To Do items
        4. Convert events and To Do items
      8. iCal Search
        1. Sort your search results
        2. Hide the search results list
        3. Search iCal from the Finder
      9. iCal Preferences
        1. General Preferences
        2. Accounts Preferences
        3. Advanced Preferences
      10. Publish an iCal Calendar
        1. Publish to a private server
        2. Make changes to a published calendar
        3. Unpublish an iCal calendar
      11. Subscribe to Calendars
        1. Refresh calendars
        2. Other calendars available for subscription
      12. Import Calendars
      13. Export Calendars
      14. Change iCal’s Time Zone Setting
        1. Change the time zone setting for iCal
        2. Change the time zone setting for a single event
      15. Print Your iCal Calendar
        1. Save a calendar as a PDF
      16. Back Up iCal
      17. Restore iCal
    7. 10. Dashboard
      1. Important Information at Your Fingertips
      2. Take a Look at Dashboard
      3. Discover Different Kinds of Widgets
      4. Activate Dashboard and the Widgets
      5. Add Widgets to Your Dashboard
      6. Remove Widgets from Your Dashboard
      7. Put Dashboard Away
      8. Work with Widgets
      9. Experiment with Your Widgets!
      10. Display More Than One of a Widget
      11. Change Dashboard’s Keyboard Shortcut
      12. Manage Your Widgets
      13. Remove Widgets
    8. 11. Photo Booth
      1. Make a Snapshot
        1. Still picture
        2. “4-up” movies
        3. Movie clips
      2. Create a Slideshow
      3. Add Effects to Snapshots
        1. Create a custom special effects backdrop
      4. Print a Proof Sheet of Your Snapshot
    9. 12. Time Machine
      1. Starting Time Machine
      2. How To Use Time Machine
      3. Spotlight searches in Time Machine

Product information

  • Title: Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps: Twelve apps for enhanced creativity and productivity, Third Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2008
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321553140