Robustness Development and Reliability Growth: Value-Adding Strategies for New Products and Processes

Book Description

This book integrates key tools and processes into a comprehensive program for developing more robust and reliable technology-based products. Drawing on their extensive product development experience, the authors present a complete process for ensuring product performance throughout the entire lifecycle, from understanding customers’ needs through manufacturing and post-launch support.

The authors begin by presenting broad insights and high-level strategies for improving product quality. Next, they demonstrate how to implement robustness and reliability strategies that complement existing governance and decision processes. A section on tools and methods shows how to institutionalize best practices and apply them consistently. Finally, they tie strategies, decisions, and methods together through a case study project.

Product developers will learn how to

  • Understand critical drivers of value in technology products, including reliability and durability

  • Implement a process model and roadmap for improving reliability and robustness

  • Increase robustness early in development, leading to shorter cycle times in later phases

  • Improve the stability of production performance under stress conditions

  • Assess both organizational and process capabilities for delivering robust and reliable products

  • Understand and manage customer-driven requirements

  • Use tools including descriptive and inferential statistics and DOE-based empirical models

  • Managers will understand expectations for

  • Design concepts supported by rigorous analyses of alternatives

  • Products and processes delivering higher value to customers

  • Products with higher reliability and longer useful lives

  • Product processes with lower costs and higher capabilities

  • Development projects having shorter, more predictable cycle times

  • Readers are introduced to many thought leaders whose writings can be sources of further learning. This book is a valuable resource for anyone responsible for delivering reliable, profitable technology products, including general managers, program managers, engineers, scientists, and reliability and quality professionals.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents
    4. Preface
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Authors
    7. Section I. Critical Drivers of Value
      1. Chapter 1. Time, Money, and Risks
      2. Chapter 2. Reliability, Durability, and Robustness
      3. Chapter 3. Strategies for Reliability Development
    8. Section II. Framework for Reliability Development
      1. Chapter 4. A Process Model for Product Development
      2. Chapter 5. Road Map for Reliability Development
      3. Chapter 6. Effective Decisions
      4. Chapter 7. Robustness Development for Product Designs
      5. Chapter 8. Reliability Growth and Testing
    9. Section III. Tools and Methods Supporting Reliability Development
      1. Chapter 9. Understanding and Managing Customer-Driven Requirements
      2. Chapter 10. Quality Function Deployment
      3. Chapter 11. Concept Generation and Selection
      4. Chapter 12. Axiomatic Design
      5. Chapter 13. Tools to Reduce Risks
      6. Chapter 14. Descriptive Statistics
      7. Chapter 15. Inferential Statistics
      8. Chapter 16. Building Models Using ANOVA and Regression
      9. Chapter 17. Building Empirical Models Using DOE
      10. Chapter 18. Developing System Robustness Using DOE
      11. Chapter 19. Robustness Optimization Using Taguchi’s Methods
      12. Chapter 20. Tolerance Optimization
      13. Chapter 21. Reliability Functions and Life Distributions
      14. Chapter 22. Life Data and Their Implications
    10. Section IV. Integration of Framework and Methods
      1. Chapter 23. Critical Parameter Management
      2. Chapter 24. An Illustration of Process Methods and Tools
      3. Chapter 25. Balancing Schedules, Budgets, and Business Risks
    11. Glossary of Terms
    12. Bibliography
    13. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Robustness Development and Reliability Growth: Value-Adding Strategies for New Products and Processes
    • Author(s): John P. King, William S. Jewett
    • Release date: March 2010
    • Publisher(s): Prentice Hall
    • ISBN: 9780137079254