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Rock Your Business

Book Description

Would you like your business...

...to burst into public awareness like Lady Gaga?

...to have the long-lived success of Mick Jagger?

...to demonstrate the creativity of The Beatles?

We dont normally think of the music business as a source of entrepreneurial insight, but we should. The best bands have longevity, a depth of customer loyalty, and a level of profitability that puts most businesses to shame. And what they knowabout marketing, partnerships, the power of bartering, and overcoming obstaclesisnt taught in any business school.

David Fishof has lived at the center of the music business for more than 25 years. From his early successes in reuniting The Monkees and convincing Ringo Starr to launch his All Starr tour, to his current megasuccess as founder and CEO of Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp, Fishof has learned from the leading minds in the music businessand has applied this learning in one entrepreneurial venture after another. Filled with insights from Fishofs amazing exploits in the music industry and seasoned with business tips from music legends, Rock Your Business provides important and original business insights from an unlikely sourcethe world of rock and roll.