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ROI of Software Process Improvement

Book Description

An indispensable addition to your project management, software engineering or computer science bookshelf, this book illuminates and simplifies otherwise complex topics in ROI. It presents extremely simple, but powerful metrics, models, and methods for designing professional business cases and providing hard-hitting economic justification. It explores the most popular international methods, models, and standards for software process improvement. The author’s practical tutorial on the costs, benefits, and ROI of software process improvement is a soup-to-nuts guide that helps readers rapidly master powerful concepts. Rico demystifies esoteric concepts in ROI and provides a self-contained tutorial of ROI methods for novices as well as economic experts and a treasure-trove of value adding economic data which is missing from popular texts. The ROI of Software Process Improvement features a number of free downloads to help continue the learning process outside the pages of the book.

Key Features

  • Establishes a foundation, framework, and standard for determining the costs and benefits of SPI and for measuring its ROI
  • Provides penetrating cost metrics, models, and methods which are usually very proprietary and helps users learn, understand, and master them
  • Includes a self-contained tutorial of ROI methods for novices as well as economic experts
  • Presents the only broad-ranging economic analysis of major international SPI methods and the first large-scale economic analysis of mandatory U.S. government standards
  • Covers quantitative analysis of international SPI methods that are only qualitatively understood and includes a treasure-trove of value-adding economic data missing from other popular texts
  • Includes over 100 tables and illustrations to facilitate learning and instruction
  • WAV offers free downloadable detailed SPI cost models for SW-CMM, ISO 9001:2000, and CMMI and spreadsheets with metrics and models for costs, benefits, benefit/cost ratio, net present value, return on investment and breakeven point — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com