Chapter 9. Open Shortest Path First

  • Operation of OSPF

    Neighbors and Adjacencies


    The Link State Database

    The Route Table


    OSPF Over Demand Circuits

    OSPF Packet Formats

    OSPF LSA Formats

    The NSSA External LSA

    The Options Field

  • Configuring OSPF

    Case Study: A Basic OSPF Configuration

    Case Study: Setting Router IDs with Loopback Interfaces

    Case Study: DNS Lookups

    Case Study: OSPF and Secondary Addresses

    Case Study: Stub Areas

    Case Study: Totally Stubby Areas

    Case Study: Not-so-Stubby Areas

    Case Study: Address Summarization

    Case Study: Authentication

    Case Study: Virtual Links

    Case Study: OSPF on NBMA Networks

    Case Study: OSPF Over Demand Circuits

  • Troubleshooting OSPF

    Case Study: An Isolated Area

    Case Study: Misconfigured Summarization

Open Shortest ...

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