Jane Austen Bracelet

This elegant bracelet is one of our favorites. We used faceted glass beads and seed beads to make it sparkle.


Level of Difficulty

≫ Intermediate

What You’ll Need

≫ 34 clear bands

≫ 32 bands in light purple

≫ 32 bands in violet

≫ 16 bands in dark purple

≫ 16 glass seed beads in clear (Darice Japanese Seed Beads)

≫ 16 large round faceted glass beads in smoky gray (dismantled dollar store bracelet)

≫ 1 C-clip or S-clip

≫ 2 looms

≫ 1 hook

Loom Configuration

Rectangular/even, double, with the right-hand verticle row removed

Banding the Beads

Following the instructions on page 26, place all of the beads on the clear bands.

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