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Ruby on Rails for Beginners

Video Description

You've learned HTML and CSS-- and probably some Javascript and PHP. Did you ever wonder why you need four separate languages to create a web application? Is there a better, more unified solution? If you've been looking for an easy to learn, rapid application development environment, Ruby on Rails is for you. Ruby on Rails-- commonly called just "Rails"-- is an increasingly popular language and framework for creating web applications. Because the templates are already part of the Rails framework, you'll spend less time architecting and coding common tasks. The Rails framework is a time saver that doesn't sacrifice power or flexibility. Every day new jobs are posted for prepared Ruby on Rails Developers. Increase your opportunities-- whether you work as a contractor, freelancer or you're looking for a full time job by learning this important framework and language. Instructor Daniel Lefevbre is both a Rails expert and patient instructor. Daniel will guide you through this excellent course, taking a patient, step-by-step approach to the material. You'll learn through Daniel's exciting lectures and engaging lab exercises that teach you the in's and out's of the framework.