References to figures are in italics.References to footnotes are indicated with an “n” followed by the number of the footnote.

# (hash symbol), 19 See also comments

* operator, 350

|| = operator, 349–350

+ operator, 126


about action, adding the about route (Listing 3.17), 101

About page

About view with HTML structure removed (Listing 3.31), 115

view for the About page with an Embedded Ruby title (Listing 3.27), 112

view for the About page with full HTML structure (Listing 3.23), 108

abstraction layers, 198n7

access control, 436–438

actions, 78

Active Record, 56, 195–196

callback, 247–250

count method, 295

creating user objects, 203–207

finding user objects, 207–208

See also validations

adding files, in Git, 26–27

administrative users, ...

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