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Running IT Like a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide to Accenture's Internal IT

Book Description

Uncover the secrets of an award-winning IT function and apply them to your business!

Global management, technology and outsourcing company Accenture has achieved incredible results through the transformation of its IT function. It has doubled its revenues in ten years, significantly decreased its IT spending despite an increase in workforce of nearly 300%, and its number of satisfied customers is growing and growing. Discover how it has achieved this, and how you can realize similar benefits in your organization.

The key to unlocking your IT function's hidden potential

Running IT like a Business will show you how your IT function can provide much more than products and services and add real value to your business. With clear strategies, helpful diagrams and real-life examples, this book will give you the keys to unlocking your IT function's hidden potential.

The benefits

This book will show you how your IT function can:

  • use the latest technology developments to help your organization to do things better, faster and more cheaply
  • take advantage of communication and collaboration technologies to facilitate networking across the enterprise, leading to greater synergy and higher productivity
  • identify and analyze business risks and apply measures to reduce these risks
  • implement technologies to diversify and grow your business
  • develop vital communication skills and techniques to facilitate the change process
  • realize cost savings across the organization.
  • The secrets

    Robert E. Kress will let you in on some of Accenture's secrets to its award-winning way of running IT like a business, including:

  • the seven key elements of its IT strategy
  • many of its 'tricks of the trade'
  • the building blocks and core capabilities of Accenture and other high-performance organizations.
  • Buy this book and see how Accenture's strategies will work for you, too!