World Wide Web Sites

This section lists just a few of the thousands of Linux web sites on the Internet, broken down into somewhat arbitrary categories. Due to the dynamic nature of the Web, some of these sites may no longer be active and many new ones will undoubtedly exist by the time you read this.

General Documentation

These sites offer on-line documentation, articles about Linux, or information geared to specific areas of Linux.

Web site


A web site with a number of free online books, some of which are Linux-related, such as KDE 2.0 Development

Linux Enterprise Computing site

Linux on Laptops site

Linux Focus, a free online magazine

Linux Gazette, a monthly on-line magazine

Web site for Linux Journal magazine

The web site for Linux Magazine

An information site for Linux beginners

Main site for the Linux Documentation Project

Open Source Projects

Listed here are web sites for some of the more popular open source and free software projects.

Web site


The KDE Office Suite project

The AbiWord word processor

Alternative Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) sound driver project

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