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Running Windows on your Mac

Book Description

Now you no longer have to choose between Mac OS X and Windows! The latest Macs from Apple can run both Mac OS X and Windows, so you’re not limited to just one operating system. Running Windows on your Mac explains how this simple technology works and walks you through every phase of the process of setting up Windows on your Mac. Are you a Windows user who’s buying your first Mac? A Macintosh user who needs to run Windows software? Or just a computer user who wants the best of both worlds? There’s something in this book for everyone. You’ll find detailed instructions for installing Windows on your Mac in three easy ways; a friendly guide to the Mac for Windows users; and a handy reference to Windows for Mac users.

In this book, you’ll learn how to

  • Load and configure the two most popular Mac OS X virtualization programs, Parallels Desktop for Mac and VM ware Fusion.

  • Install Windows easily, either in Parallels or Fusion, or with Boot Camp.

  • Keep your Windows installation in top shape, free of viruses and spyware.

  • Run Windows applications alongside Macintosh programs.

  • Add your new Mac to an existing Windows network.

  • Explore the intricacies of a new operating system, whether it’s Mac OS X or Windows.

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction: Making the Switch?
      1. When Two Worlds Collide
      2. Good Timing on Apple’s Part
      3. What Type of User Are You?
        1. Windows users switching to or adding a Mac
        2. Mac users who want or need to use Windows
        3. Mac users who want to play Windows games
      4. How To Use This Book
    4. I. Installing and Running Windows on the Mac
      1. 1. Why Windows on the Mac?
        1. Apple vs. Microsoft
          1. The Apple Way
          2. The Microsoft Way
          3. Intel Brings Them Together
        2. Choices for Running Windows
          1. Dual-Booting with Boot Camp
          2. Virtualization Using Parallels or VMware Fusion
            1. Parallels Desktop for Mac
            2. VMware Fusion
          3. Virtualization vs. Boot Camp
        3. What You’ll Need
        4. Your Options at a Glance
      2. 2. Using Boot Camp
        1. About Dual Booting
        2. Running the Boot Camp Assistant
          1. Getting Ready for Windows
          2. Installing Windows Using Boot Camp
          3. Installing Windows Drivers
          4. Getting Windows Up to Date
        3. Choosing an Operating System
          1. Picking an Operating System at Bootup
          2. Setting a Default Operating System
        4. Removing a Boot Camp Partition
      3. 3. Using Parallels Desktop for Mac
        1. Understanding Virtualization
        2. Installing Parallels Desktop
          1. Installing Parallels
            1. Preparing for Vista: Windows Express
            2. Preparing for Vista: Typical
            3. Preparing for Vista: Custom
          2. Installing Windows Vista
          3. Installing Parallels Tools
          4. Tweaking the Virtual Machine
      4. 4. Running Windows Using Parallels
        1. Launching Windows in Parallels
          1. Using the Desktop Icon
          2. Using the Parallels Icon
          3. Starting a Windows Application
          4. Launching Associated Documents
        2. The Three Faces of Parallels
          1. Single Window Mode
          2. Full-Screen Mode
            1. Entering Full-Screen mode
            2. Giving Windows its very own space
          3. Coherence Mode
      5. 5. Advanced Parallels
        1. Dealing with System Backups
          1. Taking Snapshots
          2. Reverting to a Snapshot
          3. Cloning a Virtual Machine
        2. Using Parallels with Boot Camp
      6. 6. Using VMware Fusion
        1. How Fusion Differs from Parallels
        2. Installing VMware Fusion
          1. Installing Fusion
          2. Building a Fusion Virtual Machine
        3. Installing Windows
        4. Tweaking the Virtual Machine
          1. Adding More Memory
          2. Using All Your Processors
          3. Expanding Your Network
          4. Exploring Your Fusion Settings
      7. 7. Running Windows with Fusion
        1. Launching Windows in Fusion
          1. Using Fusion’s Icon
          2. Using the Virtual Machine Icon
        2. The Three Faces of Fusion
          1. Single Window Mode
          2. Full-Screen Mode
          3. Unity Mode
      8. 8. Advanced VMware Fusion
        1. Taking and Using Snapshots
          1. Taking a Snapshot
          2. Reverting to a Snapshot
          3. Discarding a Snapshot
        2. Using Fusion with Boot Camp
        3. Exploring VMware Importer
    5. II. Macintosh for Windows Users
      1. 9. Mac Basics
        1. Using the Mouse and Keyboard
          1. Keying It In
            1. Top keys
            2. Bottom keys
            3. Key combo equivalents
          2. Mousing Around
            1. Getting that right-click feeling
            2. Right-clicking on a Mac notebook keyboard
        2. Exploring the Desktop and the Finder
          1. What’s on the Desktop?
            1. Optical drive magic
            2. Redecorating your desktop
            3. Getting organized on the desktop
          2. What’s in the Finder Window?
          3. Get to Know the Home Folder Window
          4. Other Important Folders
          5. Seeing the Finder in Different Ways
            1. List view
            2. Column view
            3. Cover Flow view
        3. Getting Docked
          1. Making the Dock Your Own
            1. Adding new icons
            2. Tweaking the Dock
          2. All About Stacks
      2. 10. Inside System Preferences
        1. The Personal Group
          1. Appearance
          2. Desktop & Screen Saver
          3. Dock
          4. Exposé & Spaces
          5. International
          6. Security
          7. Spotlight
        2. The Hardware Group
          1. Bluetooth
          2. CDs & DVDs
          3. Displays
          4. Energy Saver
          5. Keyboard & Mouse
          6. Print & Fax
          7. Sound
        3. The Internet & Network Group
          1. .Mac
          2. Network
          3. QuickTime
          4. Sharing
        4. The System Group
          1. Accounts
          2. Date & Time
          3. Parental Controls
          4. Software Update
          5. Speech
          6. Startup Disk
          7. Time Machine
          8. Universal Access
        5. Other
      3. 11. Advanced Mac
        1. Managing Programs
          1. Digging Deeper in the Applications Folder
            1. Getting to know the Utilities folder
            2. Adding new folders
          2. Installing Mac Programs
            1. About disk images
            2. Dragging a program to install it
            3. Using a program installer
          3. Uninstalling Mac Programs
            1. Dragging a program to remove it
            2. Using an uninstaller
        2. Connecting to a Network and the Internet
          1. Connecting to the Internet
            1. One Mac, connected directly to the modem
            2. Connecting to a hardwired router
            3. Connecting with Wi-Fi
          2. Connecting to a Local Area Network (LAN)
            1. Configuring your network settings
            2. Sharing folders
            3. Sharing printers
        3. Backing Up Using Time Machine
          1. Setting Up Time Machine
          2. Recovering Files with Time Machine
        4. Searching with Spotlight
          1. Searching via the Menu bar
          2. Searching Via the Finder Window
        5. Organizing with Spaces
          1. Assigning Programs to Spaces Desktops
          2. Adding or Removing Spaces Desktops
        6. Staying Secure
          1. Stay Up to Date
          2. Stay Alert
          3. Shed Your Administrator Hat
          4. Turn on Your Firewall
      4. 12. Mac Apps: An Overview
        1. Surfin’ with Safari
        2. Connecting with iChat
        3. You’ve Got Mail
        4. Plan It with iCal
        5. Rockin’ with iTunes
        6. Digging Dashboard
        7. Get an iLife
          1. iPhoto
          2. GarageBand
          3. iMovie
          4. iDVD
          5. iWeb
    6. III. Windows for Macintosh Users
      1. 13. Windows Basics
        1. Be Smart and Master the Basics
        2. Getting It Right with the Mouse
        3. The Basics of the Windows Desktop
          1. The Start Button
          2. The Taskbar
        4. Exploring Windows Explorer
          1. About Windows’ Drives and Folders
          2. Inside Windows Explorer
      2. 14. Advanced Windows
        1. Getting Online
          1. Choosing Your Location
          2. Connecting with Wi-Fi
        2. Managing Windows Programs
          1. Downloading and Installing Via the Web
          2. Installing from a CD or DVD
          3. Uninstalling Programs
        3. Avoiding Malware
          1. Recognizing Malware
          2. Preventing Malware
          3. Removing Malware
          4. Keeping Windows Updated
            1. Manually updating Windows
            2. Changing how Windows updates
        4. Staying Secure