One of the lessons learned in writing this book is that people are ultrasensitive about their money, especially these days. Because they pitched into the fight and disclosed sensitive financial information, some who are acknowledged here insist on confidentiality, and I have identified some of them by their aliases.

The following persons and organizations offered invaluable advice and information and have the author's deepest respect:

Brad; Aaron Sheanin; GRJ; Alan L; Ed; AG; Lily; DM; Bill Heyman; Harwood Nichols; Bonnie Krosin; Ann Purcell; Sam; Janell Cannon (RAHR!!); Professor Bruce Freeman; Helen Thomas; Howard Kastel; Mike Perks; Rep. Barney Frank; the late Peter Panerites; raccoon; National Association of State Securities Administrators; Jim Weber; Daisy Maxey; jaylisa; Jay Haley; Denise Voigt; Kevin M. Carroll; Robert A. Buhlman; Jerry; Liqal; John Rausch; Yves Geniaux; Jason Coles; Lisa Shenkle; Paula S; Richard J. Busman; Gregg McNelley; Al G; Sam Edwards; Laura Edgerdall; Americas Watchdog; Patricia Murphy; Robert Greene; Leah Manzari; Marty Lobel; Rod and Beth; June Hoidal; Bob Webster; Yves Boulliet; Neil and Kathleen Hughes; Sharon Hoefler; Jay and Eva Jagoe; Marc Trupp.

With special appreciation to Harry Newton, Kathy Kane, and Larry Doyle.

I also wish to thank Debra Englander of John Wiley & Sons for taking a chance on this book. Her courage is a rare gift. Others at Wiley to whom I am greatly indebted are Kelly O'Connor and Adrianna Johnston. To the ...

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