About the Author

Phil Trupp was a reporter at the Washington Evening Star and the Baltimore News-American. He spent seven years covering Washington, D.C., politics for Fairchild Publications and ABC/Cap Cities radio news. He has won commendation for stories on mob influence in the trucking industry. His articles on coal miners' black lung disease appeared in Reader's Digest and were reprinted in the Congressional Record. His fascination with the sea led him to become the first journalist to work in the United States' only undersea habitat, Hydrolab, earning him the title of NOAA Aquanaut. He wrote of his ocean adventures in the 1998 book Sea of Dreamers. He is a fellow of the Explorers Club. His interest in economics and finance led him into day-trading. His commentary appears on financial blogs such as the New York Times DealBook, Seeking Alpha, Sense on Cents, and In Search of the Perfect Investment. Trupp is a graduate of the University of Maryland. He lives with his wife, Sandy, in Washington, D.C.

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