Chapter 23

Ten (Plus One) Wizards to Conjure Up in Sage

In This Chapter

  • Looking at how wizards help you perform tricky transactions in Sage
  • Investigating Sage's most helpful wizards

Sage comes with a number of wizards. No, I don't mean little characters with pointy hats and wands – I mean step-by-step instructions on how to carry out specific procedures. Some Sage wizards are a bit laborious to use, but many of them provide much needed expertise. For example, some of the wizards in Sage help you complete complicated journal entries – and even the most dedicated bookkeepers use these sometimes.

In this chapter I talk about the most helpful wizards Sage offers.

Creating a New Customer Account

Using the Navigation bar on the left side of your screen, click Customers and then the Wizard icon. The New Customer wizard starts, taking you step by step through the seven-window process of setting up your customers.

This wizard can take a long time, so I don't use it very often. Instead, I use the quicker method of clicking Customer and then the New icon, which immediately opens up a customer record so you can start entering your data.

To have a look at the questions Sage asks as you work through the wizard, press the F1 function key. The Sage Help facility describes in detail the information you need to enter in each of the seven windows.


The final stage of the New Customer wizard lets you ...

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